People who visit Sunriver are usually looking for outdoor adventures. Due to their location in Central Oregon, Sunriver is central of many famous parks, trails, and landmarks. People from all over the world go to Sunriver to visit the Smith Rock State Park and Crater Lake in particular, both of which are stunning bucket list items.

Sunriver Summer Activities

Are you ready for an incredible summer filled with outdoor activities and quality time with your loved ones? Sunriver is primarily a summer destination so there are truly an endless amount of recreational activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do in Sunriver Oregon in summer:
4 to do during this season:

  • Explore Smith Rock State Park (About 50 mins-1 hour North of Sunriver)
  • Visit Mt. Bachelor for adventure bike park trails, scenic lift rides, ziplining, disc golf, and more!
  • Enjoy the water park festivities at SHARC
  • Explore Crater Lake (About 1.5 hours South of Sunriver)
  • Rent bikes and explore the expansive trail systems in Sunriver
  • Discover Lava Tubes & Caves
  • Visit the Sunriver Nature Center and Oregon Observatory
  • Go Shopping in the Village
  • Go Kayaking, Boating, or Fishing at the Lake
  • Enjoy Scenic Hikes such as Benham Falls and Tumalo Falls
  • Visit the High Desert Museum
  • Go on a Kayak & Brews Tour with Wanderlust Tours
  • Visit the Natural Water Slides (tours with Paulina Plunge)
  • Go on a Rafting Adventure with Sun Country Tours


Winter Activities in Sunriver

Though Sunriver is primarily a summer destination, they have lots to do during the winter season. In addition, Sunriver during the winter is a cozy and charming town to create new memories with your loved ones! Things to do during Sunriver winters include: