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One thing to know about the Village Bar & Grill is that it is not a new location. It has been serving people in the Sunriver area for more than 40 years, and it is the perfect place to spend some time. The dining room is open for lunch and dinner each day, which is why we stop in at least one time while we are in town. The food is always fantastic and hearty, and we love that they have a game room to have some fun in, or we can come in early and enjoy cocktails before dinner.

The owners do a great job of maintaining the location, and even though the location is not new, it feels like it is. It is always well cared for, clean, and upbeat. It has a lot of warm lighting and feels like the outdoors just comes in with you.

The location features several amenities. First, you have the dining room, which is where you are likely to spend your time because the menu is fantastic. There is also the lottery room, as they call it, where you can play some games like Keno, and some slots, too. It is a fun little spot. You also have a bar and lounge area, which is open later. We have spent some time enjoying this area, too, especially later in the evening when you're not quite ready to turn in for the night. Enjoying drinks and good conversation is always worth it. You can often catch the big game on the TVs here or just chat with friends. I love the personable experience here.

Location and Environment

One of the best things about the Village Bar & Grill is that it is so such as beautiful location. First, it is easy to get to within the heart of the Sunriver area right on Beaver Drive. It is a part of the Village at Sunriver mall and shopping area, located next to West of The Moon.

The second thing to really love about this location is its charming design. It looks like a mountain resort itself and is a well-cared-for space. The surrounding buildings, all of which match the look and feel of a resort, offer the perfect place to come and relax after a day on the hiking trails or even the slopes. We love that the theme and features carry on within the location. It is big and roomy, and the perfect feel with its stone façade and interior walls. You will feel right at home here when you visit.

What's Good

The good news is the location also offers great food. Village Bar & Grill is known for a few things, including their burgers, which are super juicy and full of flavor. They also have some fantastic salads that always seem to be fresh and full of bright vegetables, even when it is the middle of winter. They also are known for their roasted meats. These are fantastic on the sandwiches they offer. Do not forget to get a drink – whether you want a cocktail or a great glass of wine. They also offer some craft beers.

It's really hard to find anything bad here. We love to get a range of dishes, including the Apple Berry Blue Salad, which has granny smith apples, berries, and walnuts on it. It is fantastic and very filling. If you are looking for an appetizer, you may want to check out the Lettuce Wraps for something healthy – the ponzu sauces are fantastic. And you can get them with tofu to keep them vegetarian.

You may want to check out the Baked Mac-N-Cheese when you want something warming. You can add salmon or grilled chicken to it for even more of a hearty meal. They also have fish, sirloin, and salmon – and it always seems so fresh!

We have been here a few times, and some of the best dishes are the burgers. They have some great choices here, all of which come with fries, coleslaw, or cottage cheese. The BBQ Bacon Chicken is excellent. It has a warm BBQ sauce on the chicken and a nice bite from the bacon. You can also test out their smoked meats with the Hazey BBQ Pulled Pork. It is so soft and tender, and the fried onion straws really help to make it.

Don't overlook the good stuff! You will want to check out the Mile High Chocolate Cake – the perfect treat on your vacation – or the Marionberry Crisp, which is a local favorite that is perfect with the cinnamon spice blend it has. It is such a warming treat.

Also, they often offer a happy hour in the afternoon if you want to stop in for drinks and small plates for a great deal.

Local Tips

  • Happy Hour is Monday-Thursday from 3-6PM


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