While a lot of people are familiar with Sonora Mexico, some parts of this scenic state are still under-appreciated by tourists. And that’s certainly the case with the city of San Carlos. San Carlos is located on the Gulf of California and it’s well-known for its pristine white beaches and plentiful places to scuba dive.

Something for Everyone

San Carlos Mexico is still primarily an expat community, with many Americans and Canadians spending the winters here because the warm and humid weather is similar to Texas in the summer. You’ll see plenty of RVs and campers parked in local campgrounds and plenty of people wearing “Don’t Mess With Texas” t-shirts.

San Carlos is just off the beaten track so it retains quiet charm. The swimming and surfing is incredible, there are dozens of places to snorkel or scuba dive and the surrounding mountains are filled with hiking and climbing paths for all levels of people.

Getting To San Carlos

Traveling to San Carlos is pretty easy whether you drive or fly. There are direct flights from Tucson and it’s about an eight-hour drive from Phoenix. If you don’t drive down, you’ll probably want to rent a car to take advantage of the many local attractions. Several large hotels are built along the beachfront of San Carlos, but a popular alternative to the hotels are vacation rentals. The rentals come in all shapes and sizes and they’re a good choice if you’re looking for a place to stay that is as comfortable as a hotel while having a bit more character and more amenities of home like a kitchen. And with their professional property management, it’s easy to book and there’s someone available to answer all of your questions.