San Carlos is well known for its relaxing, breezy beach experience with beautiful sunshine. Going for a vacation in the region is undoubtedly an exhilarating holiday experience for the whole family. But imagine leaving behind your four-legged family member behind while moving to vacation rentals – will the experience remain the same? Indeed, your beloved pet adds flavor to the many memorable coastal activities you partake in the region. However, finding a San Carlos pet friendly vacation rental can be a painstaking task since most properties don’t have clear terms on pets. Nevertheless, about half of 65% of households who own pets travel with their cherished pals because they have mastered the correct guidance of moving with pets.

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You will need to have your veterinarian provide proof that your pet has had a health check up within 15 days of your trip, and provide proof of current Rabies vaccination. Don’t show up at customs without these documents!

Provide Clear Information on Your Pet

While most vacation rentals can take care of your pet’s requirements, booking charges vary across different breeds. It is paramount, therefore, to be honest when making reservations. It is also vital to understand the types of animal allowed in the homes to avoid last-minute hitches during your accommodation. For instance, what type of animal are you traveling with? Does the rental have breed or size restrictions for dogs? These are critical concerns to check with the property managers during the booking.

Review the Deposit Requirements and Pet Policies

San Carlos pet friendly rental owners have different regulations on your stay with pets. Before finalizing the reservation terms, review these policies to avoid misunderstandings. As an example, there might be specific areas that pets are not allowed in the rental property. You also need to acquaint yourself with the amount required before booking a property. Additionally, consider buying a temporary insurance policy to offer the homeowner security in case your pet causes any damage.

On-Season or Off-Season Booking?

Perhaps, you’ve set your mind on a certain rental but they won’t take your booking. This could happen during peak seasons when many people are taking vacations and pet policies are tight. Thus, you might want to travel during the off-season when property owners are willing to bend their terms.

Consider the Activities You Want to Do

Are you planning a marlin fishing, viewing the marine life through Sea Island, or golfing? Or are you planning to attend La Salsa Beach Bar’s live music and going to your favorite Mexican restaurants? A pet-friendly rental can supply you with information on both indoor and outdoor activities with your furry pal. Before you finalize and make any deposit, seek clarification on anything you would consider doing during the stay.

Bottom Line

By now, you are aware of the steps you need to observe when identifying the best pet friendly property rentals. Remember always to provide accurate details regarding your special pal and review the policies by the property owner. To make your experience memorable, we at Casago Company are ready to help address any issue as you seek to enjoy the vacation. Get in touch with our professional team today and discover an affordable deal for the whole family – including your pet!