If you want a laid-back vacation that provides you with plenty of opportunities to absorb the beauty of nature and rejuvenate your mind and body, San Carlos is the place. You can sunbathe by the beach while you read your favorite book or take a light swim, but there are also San Carlos tours that you can take advantage of to see more of the attractions and activities the city has to offer.


Tours are a great way to see more of Mexico and to make your vacation one to remember. The Sea of Cortez is a few minutes away from most of the condos and villas for rent in the area. You’ll also be close to landmarks like Tetakawi, a mountain peak that looks as though it has two horns. You can take a nature hike up the trail and look at the sunset up close after getting a great workout. This site is even more breathtaking at dusk, and you’ll especially enjoy it if you’re watching it from the porch of your rented home or condo. Whether you prefer vacation rentals with minimal decor and proximity to the busiest areas of the city, or would rather spend your time in a space that has lots of luxurious amenities so you won’t have to leave often, San Carlos has something for you.

A number of the rentals you have to choose from also have features like free WiFi, a fitness center and laundry services. You can even choose villas or condos that provide cooking and cleaning services. Many complexes have a spa on site, so you can get facials, massages and other hair and skin treatments that will keep you looking and feeling great during your vacation.

There are lots of fun activities to enjoy in the area. If you’re a fan of nature, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, or rent a boat so you can sail along the beautiful water and take in the landscape. Since there are lots of underwater and water-related activities for you to take advantage of, you’ll be able to see the animals that are native to the area, including sea stars, dolphins, angel fish and seals. You can even book a fishing excursion while you’re in the city, and catch yellowtail, tuna, snapper or sea bass that you can later prepare for a meal.


If you are a landlubber, play a round or two of golf at the San Carlos Golf Club designed by Roy Dye. Follow that up with cocktails at La Salsa Beach Bar, with live local music and great meals that will make your trip one you won’t soon forget.