So, your best friend’s wedding is coming up, and she wants to get away with her girls for her bachelorette party; or maybe you just need a family getaway for some sun and sand.

San Carlos is close by and has soft and sandy beaches, beautiful weather, and lots to do. Perfect time to whip out your bikinis and trunks.

If your geography is not that good, don’t fret, we have all the facts at our fingertips. San Carlos, Mexico is a beachfront subdivision within the port city of Guaymas located in the northern state Sonora. Most locals understand and can converse in English, but they’ll love it when you break out your high school Spanish.

The Beaches

San Carlos has several beautiful beaches so you can frolic in the water or just lay out soaking up in the sun. Some of these beaches include:

Algodones Beach

The word Algodones means “cotton.” The word cotton would perfectly describe this beach because of its soft white dunes. It also has the smoothest and the softest sand in San Carlos. Fun fact: the movie Catch 22, a 1970 movie, was filmed here. How cool is that?

San Carlos Plaza Beach

The fact that it is in front of a hotel means that the beach area is well maintained and very clean, albeit a little crowded during the holiday season; but it is still perfect for sunbathing.

Posada beach

La Posada, as it is referred to by most locals, is a few minutes away from the main road. It is a beautiful beach that’s cove-protected. This beach is perfect for swimming and for reading on the shaded lounge chairs under the palapas.

Marinaterra Beach Club

Marinaterra is a quiet and beautiful area. It is a great place for most water sports like swimming, diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. However, snorkeling equipment is not available here so bring your own.

Miramar Beach

This is quite the regular spot and is busy on the weekends with activities such as volleyball, kayaking, and pedal boating.

Playa Piedras Pintas

This beach is also in a cove; and there is a second cove and a beach area a little further to the left. There are no shaded structures on this beach, so don’t forget your umbrella.

Pilar Beach

This beach is long; its sandy beaches are cream-colored with plenty of shells and are good for swimming.


There are also a few activities that would be of interest to people as groups or individuals such as:

Snorkeling, Kayaking, Scuba

The destination is rich in marine life, so take a day and view the coral reefs, dolphins, turtles and more. How about scuba diving? If you aren’t certified, there are local outfits that give lessons. La Posada Cove is an especially nice spot for going out for a snorkel or to take a kayak out for a paddle.

Mountain climbing

You can hike to the top of the Tetakawi Mountain. It stands at 200 meters above sea level.


Play at the beautiful San Carlos Golf Club designed by Roy Dye.

Where to stay

If you check online, you’ll be spoilt for choice on vacation rentals. Consider a short term rental rather than a hotel so you can have your own kitchen and outdoor space.

Visit this magnificent holiday destination today for a weekend, or maybe two, of sea, sand, and sun. Happy traveling!