Few things in life are more fun than taking a vacation. Vacations are a joy. Anyone planning a vacation must make several choices before they go. They need to pick a time of the year to leave. Then it’s time to decide on the best destination and how to get there. Getting to San Carlos is easier than ever today. Luckily, there are many transportation options that bring the traveler right to the center of town. When planning a San Carlos vacation, it’s imperative to understand how to get from your destination to your vacation rentals. Knowing what options you have can help decrease your stress and get your vacation off on the right foot. You should understand exactly what you need to do to get here easily and quickly.

By Car

Driving to San Carlos is a possibility. If you live in the American Southwest, you can drive the entire family to this part of Mexico. Keep in mind, that it may take some time to drive here, up to 7 hours from the Arizona border. If you are traveling from the states, make sure you have all necessary documents before you begin. Each member of your party should have an up to date passport with them at all times. Make sure your car is in good working order and that you have all you need for the long car trip. A cell phone with a GPS is a must as well as some water and snacks.

By Plane

If you live a long way away, flying is probably your best option. The community has a regional airport, the General Jose Maria Yanez International airport, but keep in mind that there are no direct flights from the U.S. This means you’ll probably have to fly to Mexico City or even another city in Mexico and then add another leg to get there. The closest airport with international flights if Hermosillo, about 75 miles away. You can get a connection to San Carlos, hire a taxi, or get a rental car. There is also bus service to San Carlos.

Combining Travel

Another option is to fly to Tuscon, Arizona. Then the traveler can rent a car and drive here. The roads are in good shape. A trip of several hours lets the vacationer see the beautiful Mexican countryside at eye level. Public transportation is also another possibility. Many buses go directly from Tuscon and other destinations along the border directly to this part of the world. Public buses are an inexpensive and scenic way to relax and let someone else do the driving for you.