San Carlos Mexico is a subdivision in the city of Guaymas. It is located on the Gulf of California and has a small population of 7,000 residents. Its proximity to the United States makes it a favorite travel destination for Americans who enjoy its warm climate and crystal waters.

San Carlos is a six-hour drive from the United States border. The city is full of activities and places to see. You can visit anything from local markets, places to eat, beaches, and beautiful natural sites. Scuba diving is hugely popular here. Before you visit the place, you can find a property management agency that will help you choose the place you will be staying throughout your vocation. Here are some ideas of San Carlos places to visit.

Sea of Cortez

This is another name for the Gulf of Mexico. The sea surrounding San Carlos is one where you can see natural marine life emerge in front of your eyes. Dolphins, birds, and striking coral reefs are part of the scenery.

The Bay of San Carlos

One of the most breathtaking San Carlos places is the bay. Touching the Sea of Cortez, the bay is unusually picturesque and offers an unforgettable experience for photographers and nature lovers alike. The ocean breaks at the rugged cliffs, and occasionally, there are dolphins swimming by.

Nacapule Canyon

The Nacapule Canyon of San Carlos Mexico is a vast area of land located to the north of the city. It is part of the Cajon del Diablo biosphere reserve and provides a trek for families and hikers of all abilities. The view is of deserts and rocky highlands that stretch as far as you can see.


Another of the San Carlos places that you will not miss is the beaches. The most popular ones are San Francisco Beach and La Posada Beach. Both of these offer warm and clear waters. San Francisco beach has a cove filled with a variety of wildlife. La Posada Beach has a line of pebbles that contour its shore.

San Pedro Nolasco Island

Once you have secured your vacation rentals in the city, you can hit the tiny island found 17 miles to the west. The small island, also known as ‘Seal Island’, is popular with its large communities of sea lions, dolphins, and rare fish species. Many people enjoy swimming in the company of the sea lions or diving to see the amazing coral reefs.


Mirador is a terrace on a cliff off the coast that is all about sightseeing. It faces the twin-peak Tetawaki, which is most beautiful at sunset. Down a steep path below is the beach where you can rent a kayak or boat and ride the waves below the viewing platform.

If you want to enjoy your visit and not worry about the practical things, rely on trusted and professional vacation rentals. After all, you are on a vacation, and the last thing you will want to deal with is property management. Leave all the pragmatic dealings to us, and enjoy your stay in San Carlos where you will create unforgettable memories.