San Carlos is a subdivision of port city Guaymas. Its most prominent attraction is the ocean water of its shallow bays — the water is crystal clear, and exceptionally warm. The area has plenty of other places to visit and points of interest.

Nature enthusiasts love San Carlos. Estero el Soldado is a protected area home to pelicans and dolphins. Visitors can swim in the water and walk along the beach. Hikers should visit Cerro Tetakawi and Nacapule Canyon. Cerro Tetakawi features two trails of different difficulties, as well as a climbing spot, at the top of which is an incredible ocean viewpoint. The canyon features tunnels, caves, cacti, and watering holes. In the wet months, waterfalls may be flowing.

Among all of these natural hotspots, there are tours, charters, and rentals. Fishermen enjoy excursions on San Carlos fishing charters. Scuba diving and snorkeling are offered in the clear, warm waters. Gary’s Dive Shop has snorkeling tours, as well as a gift and repair shop.

For a truly one of a kind experience, visit Perlas del Mar de Cortez. A video and tour teach guests about the rare pearls harvested from the Sea of Cortez. A gift shop sells jewelry made from the pearls, as well as individual pearls and oysters with the pearls still inside.

Before returning home, be sure to stop by Sagitario for gifts and souvenirs. The small specialty shop has a wide range of items to sell; however, the most common items are jewelry and pottery. Visitors can find silver, druzy, and beaded jewelry in all price ranges. They may also find tables full of painted ceramic jugs, matching dishes, and handblown glassware. Also available are handmade goods from all across the country.


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