The warm shallow bays of the Sea of Cortez and stunning mountains and desert make San Carlos Mexico a top vacation spot. Located in Sonoma on the western coast of Mexico, San Carlos gets visitors from around the world. It’s especially a favorite place to play for residents of the Southwestern United States. They can get to San Carlos by car via Mexican Route 15.

Property management in San Carlos are experts at helping visitors locate vacation rentals to suit everyone from honeymooners to large families. The foremost things to do in San Carlos revolve around its beautiful beaches like Playa Algodones (Cotton Beach), Miramar Beach, Playa Piedras Pintas, and Pilar Beach. But if you explore San Carlos further you will find some unique things to do that you will be glad you didn’t miss.

Fantastic Views

At the Mirador San Carlos, you can boast that you’ve seen the Top Ocean View in the World according to National Geographic. The twin-peaked Tetakawi dominates the vista while the view up the coast is dotted with whales, rays, and a trove of birds. For a truly spectacular sight, plan your visit to the Mirador at sunset. There’s safe parking along the road, benches, bathrooms, and souvenir stands.

Bird Watching

The Estuario del Soldado, or Estuary of Soldiers is home to around 80 species of birds. Surrounded by lush mangroves, the 350-acre lagoon is adjacent to Bahia Delfin Condominiums and runs parallel to the beach. Birds you’ll likely see include egrets, seagulls, grebes, and pelicans. Scare during the hot summer, migratory birds are mostly seen in the fall and winter. You can reach the estuary via the paved t=road to Condominios Pilar and Delfin.

Snorkeling and Kayaking

For great snorkeling and kayaking off the beaten path, look for El Club de Playa,The Beach Club. A real showplace, The Beach Club’s swimming pool and facilities are owned by Marina Terra Hotel. And in keeping with Mexican law, the beach here is open to the public. At the north end is a protected cove with a rocky point that extends into the shallow water. Called Shangri-La or Pirates’ Cove, it’s heaven to snorkelers.

Hike Tetakawi

A hike to the top of Tetakawi will reward you with views you will long remember. Get to the trailhead by taking the main road through sector Bahia until you reach the km 15 marker. You’ll see a parking lot, and you may also park on the side of the road. After about a half-hour hike uphill, you will start to see breathtaking views. The rest of the climb to the top is difficult, But if you decide not to try it, you’ve still seen some gorgeous views.