Exploring the Water at San Carlos

A getaway to San Carlos is more than just dipping your toes in the white sandy beaches and sipping tropical drinks along the gorgeous blue waters of the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez. And, don’t get us wrong, that is strongly encouraged. But, there’s also plenty of adventures to be had in the area too, which is known for its large diving community.

Check Out the Marine Life while Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular activity due to the plethora of marinelife, as well as the optimal diving conditions. The water temperatures can reach 85-90°F during the summer months but stays relatively warm all year in the shallow areas. The underwater visibility can exceed 100 feet and sometimes even up to 200 feet deep near San Pedro Nolasco Island. Other popular diving areas include Martini Cove, Double Point, Eagle Rock, Catalina Island, Frenchie’s Cove, and many more.

Take a Snorkeling Trip

Deep water diving not for you? Give snorkeling a try. Gary’s Dive Shop is a great local resource for snorkeling, and scuba diving as well. They have snorkeling expeditions to see sea lions up close on your way to Seal Island or on an adventure to explore the Aquarium Cove. There are chances to see mammals, birds, fish, and more. There are combination fishing and snorkeling excursions too if you want to spend even more time out on the water.

Take a Guided Kayak Tour

What better way to see the area than on a guided tour? You can see the migrating birds up close in the mangrove areas, where over 38 varieties have been spotted. You can also travel to the two nearby islands and see birds or dolphins. There are also tours for light tackle fishing, which are custom tours. Check out the San Carlos Aquatic Adventures to book your tour. There’s also opportunities for lessons if you’re not accustomed to using a kayak.

Hit the Water with Your Boat

Wanting to take your boat out and explore the area? Maybe do a little water skiing or tubing? Consider the vacation rentals at Marina Real, a condominium resort near the entrance of Playa Algodones. They give you all the luxurious amenities you need, plus the space to store your boat during your extended stay in San Carlos. Check out Casago if you’re looking for more vacation rentals in the area – they make searching easy and booking convenient.

Make sure to take full advantage of your trip and get out in the water. There’s so much marine life to see, plus the gorgeous waters and breathtaking scenery. Check out the mountainside, the sunsets, the beaches; Mother Nature is really showing off when it comes to San Carlos.