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Whale watching, visiting sandy beaches, scuba diving in “The Aquarium of the World,” visiting El Soldado Estuary, and visiting Sonora Dolphinarium are some of the things to do around San Carlos.After enjoying a great day in San Carlos, return to the vacation rental that we have prepared for you and continue to enjoy your vacation. Our property management services have got you covered.


Vacation Rentals at Las Glorias San Carlos Mexico


Find stunning villas and condos for rental during your vacation San Carlos. The properties are centrally located in the resort with two swimming pools. The resort features barbecue facilities, WiFi, a garden and sea views, among other amenities. You can view the Tetakawi Mountains, yachts, and the harbor from your rental. The condos are three, two, and one-bedroomed and have a completely equipped kitchen with all kitchenware.

When looking for a vacation rental, find one that has years of experience in offering excellent services. Our property management services are top notch, and you can select one of our nine vacation rentals in Las Glorias. Our unique security system and friendly staff will make you feel at home.


Things to do in San Carlos Mexico


Whale Watching

Enjoy watching whales at the Cortez Sea since whales will be lured by a lot of food like small fish and plankton. Luckily, you can see seven out of eleven species of whales that exist on earth in this small place. You can enjoy the view by walking along the coastline, going on a whale watching tour, or by cruising on a fishing boat. There is a higher likelihood for spotting whales in winter than spring.


In San Carlos, you can drive to Guaymas city to access Playa Miramar Beach. Moreover, you can visit some of the available stunning beaches. The sandy beaches together with Cortez Sea and desert vegetation provide a setting that is unparalleled. You can engage in various water sports at Playa de Los Algodones beach. The beach has been named after the cotton-like dunes. The Playa San Francisco Beach is the most massive and most visited beach, whose location between San Carlos and Guaymas provides convenience. The beach also has some gentle waves. If you want a beach free from crowds, visit the Playa Piedras Pintas Beach. Hence, it is ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Scuba Dive in “The Aquarium of the World”

“The Aquarium of the World” gets its name from being biodiverse. This makes it ideal for sports fishing and scuba diving, and also a scientists’ natural laboratory. The ocean is a habitat for 40% of the earth’s mammal species, including over 900 fish species and the widest variety of dolphins and whales on earth.

El Soldado Estuary

The Sonora coast is filled with several wetlands, estuaries, creeks, and marshes. Between San Carlos and Guaymas, you will find the location of a coastal lagoon with rich biological diversity and exceptional beauty. This lagoon is called the El Soldado Estuary and features species like oysters, crabs, blue herons, mullets, and terns. Use non-motorized boats, ride a bike, or go on foot to access the estuary.

Sonora Dolphinarium

The Sonora Dolphinarium is also located between Guaymas and San Carlos. This contemporary and interactive dolphinarium provides tourists with a marine display while offering the region with a therapy and rehabilitation center for children suffering from neurological disorders. The facility has interactive displays that feature sea lions and dolphins in addition to educational activities.