El Barco Ostionera y Restaurante (Oyster Farm)

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Looking for a unique activity in Rocky Point? This two-in-one experience offers an educational tour and memorable dining experience set on the Morua Estuary. The freshest and most tasty oysters await!

Behind the Farm

The Women’s Cooperative Organization at the Oyster Farm and El Barco Restaurant has been running their business for over 40 years, since 1982. The Farm has kept all the original charm they had since their first days open. The only major change they've made was adding the restaurant to attract more visitors and share their love for oysters. This is the only female-dominant, women run business of its type and magnitude in the region! Aside from the team of women who own and run the business, they are assisted by their husbands, sons and other family members. Though it may appear to be a simple task at times, running this farm takes plenty of manpower. They employee between 20-30 people so it's no small operation.

Getting There

To reach the farm, you will take the road to Caborca and turn off at Km 6.5 on a dirt road. The farm is found at the Morua Estuary, which you are able to look up via any GPS service. It is advisable to have a 4 wheel drive as sometimes the sand can be very soft or wet at really high tides. It is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, 365 days of the year.

Oyster Farm Tours

This is a great activity for adults and children alike. Lasting about 2 hours long, the in-depth tour will teach you everything you need to know about oysters from start to end. You will visit 4 different Oyster Farms in the area with the main focus being on the Women's Cooperative farm. You can learn how to shuck an oyster so when you get the home you know how to do it or have them shuck and they will put them in a jar for you. It's highly recommended that you book your tour ahead of time. They tend to sell out quickly, plus they are only available on Saturdays and Sundays. The oysters grow all year, so you can visit and explore on your own if you're not able to snag a spot on the tour. 

Special Oysters in Rocky Point

There are 10 types of oysters in the world but the one found here is known as Pacific Oyster. Alternatively, it's also known as the Japanese Oyster. The more formall name is Crassostrea Gigas. It's greenish/gray in color and the shape is long, with ruffled edges. They harvest the oysters when they're about 4” in length. Because they are taken fresh right from the oyster beds, you won’t have the muddy shell nor a muddy taste. They will have a sweet or sometimes even a plain flavor. It is the perfect oyster for cultivation as it is easy to grow.

The El Barco Restaurant

After the tour, plan to have lunch as they offer some delicious food. They sell cooked oysters for $15.00 per dozen and raw oysters for $130 pesos or about $6.00 to $7.00 per dozen. Additionally, the menu offers fresh cerviche, Stingray tacos, Stingray quesadillas, Quesadilla Sencilla (plain) along with the House Specialty of 1 dozen cooked oysters. They also sell beer, soda and water. The best part is that all the food is as fresh as can be, straight from the estuary. The restaurant has many tables to accommodate all size of groups that are under covered palm branch palapas. They do not accept credit cards, so make sure you bring cash! 

If you are buying the oysters at the farm to prepare them at your home or condo, there are several ways to do it. 

  • Shuck them and eat them raw or you can put them on the charcoal BBQ or gas grill until they open up. 
  • You can enjoy them plain or with melted butter or make a Rockefeller sauce for them.
  • Shuck them and top with garlic butter, Romano cheese and black pepper.
  • Or, level it up and bake them. Then top them off with a sauce made of fresh garlic, lemon juice, panko crumbs, fresh herbs and melted butter.

No matter how you prepare them, they will be great for you and your guests, enjoy!

What’s Included

  • Oyster Farm Tours last approximately 2 hours.

Local Tips

  • This location is both an Oyster Farm which offers tours and a restaurant.
  • Tour reservations can be made via their Facebook page, by message or using the appointment setting tool.
  • Cash only - Credit Cards are not accepted.
  • Reservations for tours are highly recommended, they are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • It's highly recommended to get here using a car with 4-wheel drive as the sand you will drive over can become soft/wet at high tide.
  • Recommended to bring: Sunscreen, Comfortable Clothing, Hat/Cap


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