Big Bear Off Road Experience

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Big Bear is an outdoorsman's paradise! And when you want the thrill of exploring the backroads and hidden valleys of the area, get to Big Bear Off-Road Experience!

This is the brainchild of Desi, an enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for off-roading. His love for the sport and desire to share it with others led to this one-of-a-kind experience in the picturesque landscapes of Big Bear.

Before transforming into an off-road paradise, the journey began with Designated Wakesports in 2004, also founded by Desi. Initially focused on wakeboarding and boating on Big Bear Lake, the company evolved to include Sea-Doo rentals in 2009, rapidly gaining acclaim as one of the West Coast's top providers​​.

In 2014, Desi's vision expanded into the Big Bear Off-Road Experience. It started with the Big Bear Jeep Experience, offering guests the unique opportunity to drive customized jeeps following professional guides through world-famous local trails. 

The experience stands out for its interactive nature, with guides narrating the journey via two-way radios. This feature quickly earned it the title of the country's top-rated off-road driving experience.

After a year of custom fabrication, the formidable TourZilla was born. This colossal off-road safari vehicle, designed to safely carry 11 passengers, offers an unmatched group experience in the backcountry, led by skilled TourZilla handlers who guide and narrate the adventure​. 

​Big Bear Off-Road Experience offers exhilarating fun that will fill your Big Bear vacation with a lifetime of memories.

Fun Facts & Cool Features

A standout aspect is the self-drive jeep adventure, where visitors take the wheel of jeeps to navigate Big Bear's renowned off-road terrain. This hands-on experience, guided by experts, provides an intimate connection with the rugged landscape.

For those seeking a different kind of thrill, the Can-Am driving experience offers the chance to control Can-Am vehicles ideally suited for the backcountry's open terrain. This option adds diversity, catering to varying skills and preferences.

Another unique feature is the TourZilla safari adventure. This custom-built 12-passenger vehicle offers a more relaxed yet equally thrilling experience. Guided by seasoned professionals, TourZilla takes guests on a safari-style journey across Big Bear's famous terrain, combining comfort, safety, and excitement. 

When your Big Bear vacay needs outdoor adventure, let Big Bear Off-Road Experience lead the way. And as they say on their website, "No matter your personality, Big Bear Off-Road Experience has the trip for you!"

Getting There

Here's how you can get to Big Bear Off-Road Experience from Big Bear City:

  • Head west on E Big Bear Blvd toward Greenway Dr.
  • Continue along E Big Bear Blvd. 
  • Your destination will be on the left.
  • Address: 42011 Big Bear Blvd A, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


Big Bear Off-Road Experience has too many packages and options to list here, but here's an idea of what a Jeep Experience costs:

Holcomb Valley Gold Fever Tour (1-1.5 hours):

  • 2-door Jeep: $249 
  • 4-door Jeep: $299 

Prices are subject to change; check their website for updates.

Local Tips

  • For a more exclusive adventure, book the Private Tour with TourZilla.
  • To avoid crowds, plan your visit during the low tourist seasons from March to June and September to November, excluding Oktoberfest.
  • If off-roading isn't your thing, check out their sister company, Designated Wakesports. You can go tubing or wakeboarding or rent jet skis to enjoy Big Bear Lake.
  • When using the 4X4 trails, take it slow and be courteous, as these trails are also used by hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, and animals​​.


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