El Camaronero - Shrimp Fisherman Statue

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The Malecon is a shopping and dining area of Rocky Point that abuts the Sea of Cortez. Here, you will find 2 statues that are dedicated to the founders of Puerto Peñasco. One of the statues being of a fisherman who sacrificed so much to make the city what is today. The city is known for its main industry which is fishing and shrimping. The Sea of Cortez provides not only the best shrimp, but several species of fish that are sold around the world.

Statues at the Old Port

As you enter the Old Port the first statue you will see is "Jose el Pescador" which was created to represent Jose Acuna, a local fisherman. In the center of the Malecon, you will see the Plaza de Governors. This plaza was built and dedicated to the people who have worked in the fishing industry. Moreover, you will find a plaque for each of the governors who attended a Governors Convention for the border states of the United States and Mexico several years ago.

There is large statue of a fisherman and a shrimp that was dedicated in 2003 and is known as "El Camaronero." In the center of the plaza is another statue that represents 2 Seagulls.

For visitors going to the Malecon, these statues make for great photo opportunities.  Near the stairs, you can also see a bust statue of Donaldo Colosio. Colosio was the PRI candidate running for President when he was assassinated March 23, 1994. The Malecon is a great place to be on a Sunday afternoon to watch the sunset while listening to the music. Also, the gorgeous seaside setting makes for some great pictures!


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