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What's better than Thrifty Ice Cream on a humid Rocky Point Day? It's hard to come up with an answer to that question because Thrifty has long established themselves as the go-to ice cream parlor. In Rocky Point, however, they do meet their competition with La Michoacana.

Ice Cream Flavors at Thrifty

So what makes Thrifty stand out? Their iconic cylinder-shape scoop for one. It's easily recognizable throughout the United States and Mexico. They carry classic flavors and offer your choice of cup, sugar cone, waffle cone, or even a waffle bowl. There's something special about the way that Thrifty manufactures their ice cream - the texture is thick and creamy while the flavors stay strong!

Here are some of the most beloved flavors you should try:

  • Chocolate Malted Crunch
  • Cookies n' Cream (Galletas y Crema)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Bubble Gum (Chicle)
  • Butter Pecan (Nuez Mantequilla)
  • Strawberry Cheesecake

Sizes & Cost

The cost of this sweet treat is very affordable! With single scoop cups and cones coming in at 52-57.00 pesos (about $3 USD). For a larger, specialty dessert, try ordering a sundae or a waffle bowl.

Can't get enough? Order a half gallon and take some back for later! You can even mix flavors in the half gallon. Or, if you're low on time, grab a pre-filled half gallon in the freezers towards the back of the shop.


There are numerous locations throughout Peñasco, with the main and largest location on Calle 13. Calle 13 is a very populous area because of the concentration of restaurants, shops, and ATV rentals on the block. Additionally, this is where the main Casago office is found - you may have to go here at some point if you need help with your vacation rental!

Another convenient location is found in the Malecon Area, next to the popular Moo Steakhouse & Grille.

Local Tips

  • There are various locations throughout Rocky Point.


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