Visiting La Paz is popular with tourists as a destination in Mexico. Located on the southern coast of the beautiful Baja California Sur, La Paz is a tropical paradise. Visitors can enjoy the great water by swimming, surfing, kayaking and other activities. The surrounding area of La Paz is also great for taking a hike or riding a bike along the water. Despite being a well-traveled area, this area is not well-known or written about in great detail. To help make travels easier, here are a few things you didn’t know about visiting La Paz Mexico.

La Paz is the capital

The area of Baja California Sur is an independent region of Mexico, similar to states in the United States. La Paz is actually the capital of this area. A majority of tourists are too focused on the resorts and beaches of this wonderful city to realize that it is the cultural center of a large area. This makes La Paz a great location for vacation rentals. Similar to any capital city, La Paz is bustling with diversity and excitement. There are a wide-varsity of cuisines available and countless bars from which to choose. Experiencing La Paz as a capital is a great way to see this city in a way that most tourists don’t.

Getting Around

La Paz is a fairly small city and most attractions are accessible by foot. There are several forms of private and public transportation as well. The public bus system in La Paz reaches many places throughout the city, but they tend to be overcrowded and slow. Another method of public transportation is known as ‘collectivo’. These vehicles are large vans that drive a large group of people around that are going in the same direction. ‘Collectivos’ aren’t as organized as buses and don’t have set routes. However, they are much quicker than the bus system. Taxis are a viable transportation option in La Paz. They are more expensive than other options but are much faster and more reliable.

Property Rental

While hotels and hostels are always an option in La Paz, vacation rentals are also a great option. There are some great property management companies that help owners to rent out their apartments and homes to travelers. This ensures visitors that their stay is well-kept and high-quality. The owners of the property are also happy to know that their apartment or house is being used while they’re away. If you’re traveling to La Paz soon and are in need of a vacation rental, contact Casago for help.