One of the many wonderful things about visiting La Paz is just how much the traveler can do. Travelers can choose to spend all day on a beach with a terrific summer read on hand as they watch the surf gently come in and out. They can also take advantage of this marvelous location and enjoy the fabulous parade of yearly events in the area. Travel to your vacation rentals and then head out for hours of fun. It’s easy to spend time interacting with locals at regional festivals, enjoying the area’s culture and listening to music. It’s also easier than ever to get face to face with the region’s marvelous life just under the water a short distance from the area’s many fine beaches.

Carnaval La Paz

Celebrate Mardi Gras in style right here. This is one of the most famous La Paz events of the entire year. For about a week, the streets are devoted to all things fun. Watch as dancers and singers march in front of your eyes during the wonderful festival parade. This is the time to grab a seat and let the experience wash over you. Their colorful costumes pay homage to the area’s vibrant native culture and modern life. There’s also live bands that play music as the marchers march. Admire the King and Queen of the Carnaval as they and their court strut their stuff in public. Thousands of spectators are very happy to join you. There are things to do for the whole family. Everyone can sample the local cuisine and taste all sorts of dishes that are popular in the region from natives who know how to make them perfectly. Headliners hit the main stage every single day with music from internationally renowned artists.

Cinco de Mayo

The Fifth of May marks another time to celebrate. Come party at many vacation rentals early in May. There’s also live music and a chance to dance all night. This one of the most sought after of all La Paz events so book early to get the best deals on travel here.

Fishing Tournaments

Fishing is a highly popular activity in the area. Multiple international fishing events mark the calendar all year long in La Paz. If you, too, love to fish, take advantage of such events and come on down to the sea. You’ll be in good company with fishermen from all over the world as you search for the perfect catch.

Mexican Heritage Days

The local calendar is peppered with days that are all about celebrating Mexico. Come here in September for Mexican Independence Day. November is ideal for a day to learn about the Mexican revolution. Drinks and food are everywhere here as the natives come to celebrate their heritage and society with guests. Local saints days are also an important part of the regional culture. Festival days devoted to Santa Barbara and Santa Rosalia in December are a great way to bid goodbye of the rest of the year.