La Paz is a popular travel destination in Baja California Sur and there are plenty of unique places to visit. Located right on the water, La Paz makes an idyllic location for a relaxing vacation. Visitors chose this area for the warm weather, renowned resorts and the delicious cuisine. With so many tourists visiting La Paz each year, many of the attractions become crowded and worn out. When visiting this area, it is advisable to search for some points of interest that are less known. Here are some of those attractions of which most tourists are unaware.

Espíritu Santo Island

Located just a short boat ride from the La Paz coast, Espiritu Santo Island offers a relaxing getaway from the city. This beautiful island has a wide-variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Some of these include scuba-diving, kayaking and hiking. The entire island is actually a nature reserve that is protected for its natural beauty and diverse animal and plant life. Visitors can even stay overnight on Espiritu Santo island and experience an amazing sunset and sunrise. Camping must be done through a company though and can’t be done solo. Local boats offer trips form the La Paz coast to this island.

Local Markets

One of the greatest treats when visiting La Paz is the rich, local culture. Despite having thousands of tourists each year, this area still maintains a strong heritage, cuisine and language. Visitors typically eat at restaurants or resorts and miss out on some of La Paz’s great food. Local markets are scattered throughout the beguiling old town of the city. These markets are a lesser-known attraction that offers locals a great window into how daily life functions for locals. There is nothing better than biting into a fresh piece of fruit freshly picked from the local farms. Visitors can even purchase local ingredients to make their own food.

Balandra Beach

As most tourists come for the warm weather, beaches in La Paz are usually very crowded. This can be bummer as many couples want to find some privacy and seclusion. Fortunately, there are some hidden beaches that a majority of tourists don’t know about. Balandra Beach is one such beach and offers visitors in the know a private getaway. Balandra Beach is tucked away behind some raised walls of rock that add to the seclusion. This beach is located just a short walk away from the major beaches making for a great hidden option.


La Paz Mexico offers countless activities for visitors. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Baja California Sur. Those looking for vacation rentals or property management in the La Paz are should contact Casago for more information.