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Barrel 33 takes being a wine store to another level, making it worth exploring. 

This unique establishment offers a wide selection of wine, beer, and adult beverages and a deliciously curated menu. It even features handcrafted wine barrel furniture made right on the premises.

As with any top-tier wine store, they offer tastings of some of Southern California's popular selections and various beers and ciders. 

But here's where they raise the bar: their food. The menu has been carefully curated to enhance the tasting experience with mouth-watering food. And if that were all to tell, Barrel 33 would still be worth visiting, but it's not.

Their commitment to local craftsmanship is evidenced by every piece of wine barrel furniture handcrafted in Big Bear. This not only adds to the rustic charm of the place but also showcases the talent and creativity of the local community.

Last but certainly not least are the various events hosted by Barrel 33. Live music is every Friday and Saturday night, and seasonal parties and events occasionally pop up. Should you be in Big Bear for one of their bi-weekly Paint & Sips, sign up to release your inner artist!

Combine all of this with its outdoor patio area, and it's easy to see why visitors to Big Bear flock to Barrel 33.


Step into Barrel 33 and be greeted by its warm, chic, and welcoming atmosphere. Here, there are no strangers, and the staff long to know your name and story. 

The decor blends rustic elegance, handcrafted wine barrel furniture, and contemporary touches that add a unique touch to the ambiance.

The lighting is soft, enhancing the relaxing vibe and lending an air of casual sophistication. It is perfect for a date night, a catch-up with friends, or even a solo visit to unwind after exploring Big Bear Lake.

Barrel 33: Menu & Drinks

While Barrel 33 offers typical pairings like cheese and crackers, the menu provides heartier options for a wide range of palates. 

A prime example is the sun-dried caprese salad. This classic Italian fare showcases fresh burrata, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil & balsamic drizzle over a bed of greens. Need some protein? Add chicken or prosciutto for an additional cost. 

The charcuterie board offers artisan cheese, cured meats, and veggies from Petes Picklin and may be gluten-free upon request.

Next is their flatbread options that are creative and varied, offering something for everyone. And their sandwiches, like the pear brie, come on sourdough bread with a side salad. Add chips, soup of the day, sweet potato fries, and GF bread for a nominal charge. And be sure to save room for the carrot or chocolate lava cake!

When it comes to adult drinks, Barrel 33 truly shines. With over 400 wines, 300 craft beers, and various flights, there's something for everyone. 

As if that weren't enough, Barrel 33 also serves margaritas! The Strawberry Margaritas served from the keg are a must-try. The fruity freshness of strawberries combined with the tequila kick creates a refreshing and invigorating cocktail.

Visiting Barrel 33 when in Big Bear will not disappoint! Its unique approach to being a wine store with special events, a top-notch menu, and a vibrant vibe will make for a lasting experience. 

Local Tips

  • Check their website for special events like Paint & Sip, Zip & Sip!
  • Try out their handcrafted wine barrel furniture. It's not just a seat; it's an experience!
  • Consider joining their High Altitude Wine Club!
  • There's a location in Sandpoint, Idaho, to explore.


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