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Imagine a place where the charm of boutique shopping meets Big Bear's history and innovation. This is The Village Shops and Courtyard.

The story of this unique shopping center began with Jay McLaughlin, known for his success in retail and restaurant ventures. 

Alongside his wife, Joan, they have created a space that offers a delightful shopping experience and reflects a commitment to quality and community.

In 2013, they drew inspiration from the iconic Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles to transform the Big Bear location into a bustling and inviting destination. Their approach was not just about retail but creating a space where people could gather, dine, and enjoy the ambiance. 

The couple's experience running a successful restaurant in Manhattan for over 30 years also influenced their vision. They wanted to include various eateries at The Village Shops and Courtyard, ensuring cuisine and ambiance were suitable for all tastes.

Visiting The Village Shops and Courtyard is a must when in Big Bear. Here, you can explore unique boutiques, choose from diverse dining options, and bask in its welcoming atmosphere.

Fun Facts & Cool Features

The Village Shops and Courtyard buzzes with activity year-round. In spring, the area blooms with colorful flowers, while summer brings lush greenery. Autumn turns The Village into a canvas of crimson, orange, and yellow, and winter covers it in a blanket of glittering snow, creating a twinkling wonderland​​.

Culinary enthusiasts will find a world of flavors here. The Village prides itself on offering an international dining experience, from Italian to Nepalese, Thai to Chinese, and Latin to Japanese cuisines. With chefs around the globe calling The Village Shops and Courtyard their home, every meal is an adventure. 

For a casual outing, pubs and shops offer locally brewed beer and wines, and sweet shops serve gelato, fudge, and candy. 

Shopping in The Village Shops and Courtyard is a unique experience. It houses a wide range of shops and emporiums, including those for cooking and kitchen supplies, athletic wear, and art galleries. There are specialized stores for your canine friends and wild bird feeding and watching.

Entertainment is another highlight. The Village features a variety of venues, including a bowling barn, escape rooms, and scavenger hunts. For movie enthusiasts, Hollywood Studios at Santa Land offers an immersive cinema​​experience.

Getting There

Here's how you can get to The Village Shops and Courtyard from Big Bear Lake:

  • Take Pine Knot Ave, heading south toward Big Bear Blvd. This is currently the fastest route due to traffic conditions.
  • Continue on Pine Knot Ave for approximately 0.2 miles (about a 2-minute drive).
  • Your destination, The Village Shops and Courtyard, will be on the right.
  • Address: 652 Pine Knot Ave, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


Visiting the Village Shops and Courtyard is free. 

Local Tips

  • Utilize the free parking available from dawn until dusk with spaces on Village Dr. and Pine Knot Ave. and public parking lots on Bartlett Rd., Knickerbocker Rd., Pennsylvania Ave., Alden Rd., and behind the Oakside Restaurant. 
  • Electric vehicle charging is available at the Pennsylvania Public Lot​.
  • Leverage the Free Big Bear Trolley for convenient transportation around the valley.
  • The Village Shops and Courtyard offers a variety of dining and shopping options that fit a moderate budget, ranging from casual to more upscale experiences.


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