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There's nothing like taking in a sunset in Big Bear country. The day's last rays paint pastel streaks across the sky, and clouds burn with orange, charcoal, or dazzling whites. 

So the real question is, where's the best place to view a sunset? The answer: Sunset Big Bear

This stunning vantage point is where nature's beauty and serenity unfolds. Sunset Big Bear is something every visitor should experience. 

For years, Sunset Big Bear has been a beloved destination for locals and tourists for its exceptional panoramic views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Initially discovered by gold-mining enthusiasts in the mid-1800s, Big Bear Valley soon became a hub for logging and ranching activities.

Not until the 1920s did Sunset Big Bear transition into a popular leisure and relaxation spot. 

This enchanting destination, elevated at approximately 7,000 feet, would famously become known as 'Heaven on Earth.'

Sunset Big Bear is a testament to the area's rich history and fascinating journey from a once-thriving gold mining location to an idyllic vacation spot.

Fun Facts & Cool Features

As the name suggests, experiencing an unforgettable sunset in this location is a must on your Big Bear vacation. 

During the summer evenings, the skies transform into a breathtaking canvas of color as the sun sets behind the mountains, creating an ethereal atmosphere that has captivated countless hearts across generations. 

Visitors to Big Bear Sunset are advised to park on North Shore Drive and walk to the Carol Marrison East Public Launch Ramp. The area is perfect for snapping stunning photos of the lake and ducks. Next, follow the Alpine Pedal Path Trail 1E50 towards the Stanfield Cutoff. From here, you'll be given the best sunset views of the area.

Additionally, Sunset Big Bear offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding San Bernardino Mountains and nearby valleys.

Another unique feature of Sunset Big Bear is its location, which lies relatively untouched amid its lush forests and pristine lakes. This allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy Big Bear Sunset's serenity and breathtaking wonders.

Getting There

  • Start at the center of Big Bear Village
  • Head west on Big Bear Blvd
  • Turn right onto Mill Creek Rd
  • Veer left onto Mill St
  • Follow Mill St until you reach Sunset Big Bear
  • Address: 740 Stanfield Cutoff, Big Bear, CA 92314


Visiting is free! 

Local Tips

  • Arrive early during popular times of the year to secure the best spot for sunset viewing.
  • Bring a lightweight chair or blanket for a more comfortable experience.
  • Pack some snacks and beverages to enjoy while appreciating the spectacular sunset.
  • Don't forget your camera to capture unforgettable views and memories!
  • Wear comfortable shoes to navigate the terrain, as it can get rocky and uneven.
  • Respect the environment and practice


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