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The Lucky Duck Entertainment Center in Smith Mountain Lake, VA is a fun-for-the-whole-family, wholesome place to bring the whole family. There are activities to keep both kids and adults amused the entire time. Stop by here while you’re staying at your Smith Mountain Lake vacation rental, or anytime you’re driving through the lakes region.

The whole thing consists of multi-levels connected by a boardwalk. Most of it is outdoors, so you’ll also get to enjoy the clean, fresh air while you’re here.

The owner prides himself on operating a clean, family fun center. They even have a “signature” Lucky Duck game where your youngster is guaranteed to win a prize. The owner grew up on the lake and this is a way for him to spend time on the lake and give back to the community where he grew up. He’s actually a special education teacher nine months out of the year, so you know that he’s truly committed to the welfare of kids and to family values.

I like this place because it clearly puts people ahead of profits. It’s affordable, simple entertainment that you can take advantage of on any nice weather day. Because it’s outside, you wouldn’t want to go there when it’s pouring rain or snowing, but other than that, it’s the ideal family bonding destination.

Getting There

The Center is located at 16430 Booker T. Washington Highway in Bridgewater Plaza. If you’re staying at a vacation rental in Smith Mountain Lake, it’s hard to miss this spot that juts out onto the lake just off of Hales Ford Bridge.

From downtown Smith Mountain Lake, just take SR 834 to VA-122, where you’ll hang a right to get onto Bridgewater Pointe Place. Lucky Duck will be on your right.

There’s a big parking lot out front with free parking. It tends to fill up, because it’s also the parking lot for a lot of other businesses in the Bridgewater Plaza, but you should be able to find a spot. If you can’t find anything up front, swing around to the back past the Mexican Restaurant, and you’ll find a second gigantic parking lot.

Cost & Info

This is an extremely low-key place. There’s no entrance fee for Lucky Duck Entertainment Center. You just pay for the activities that you want to enjoy with your family. The prices of each activity vary between $3 and $15.

It’s also a seasonal business, with no “official” fixed hours. For example, on Labor Day, they may stay open until 8PM, or they may close at 7:30PM, depending on the crowds. But for example, they’ll be open on Saturday from around 10AM  to 10PM, on Sunday from about 11AM to 9:30PM and on Monday from 11AM until about 8PM.

The best thing to do is just go out to eat at one of the nearby restaurants and if you see that the Lucky Duck Entertainment Center is open, pop in and have some impromptu fun. If you want to plan your visit, it’s best to call ahead and confirm their hours. The place is in a great location, right on the lake, and it’s wheelchair—and stroller!—accessible.


They have several different activities, and there’s something for all ages. The prices for games and activities range from $3 to $15. Depending on your abilities, you can win small carnival-style prizes.

Lucky Duck

One of the best little activities that I love is the one where kids can fish for rubber duckies from a little water trough. Even if you don’t have little ones, you’ll enjoy watching the little tikes get all excited. With this activity, everyone’s a winner. No matter what, each child wins a small little carnival prize. The cost for this activity is just $3

Duck Shooter

They also have a duck shooter game for $5, where you have to hit the duckies to win a prize. (Don’t worry, the ducks aren’t real!)

Climbing Rock Wall

There’s a rock climbing wall for $15 that’s best enjoyed by adults  and older kids.

Bungie Jumping Trampoline

For $15 you can bounce on the bungie jumping trampoline while you’re safely strapped inside a harness.

Backyard Ball Challenge Pit

This game is just $5 and you toss basketballs and footballs into the nets to win prizes.

What's Nearby

There are five restaurants in Bridgewater Plaza, which is good because no food or drinks are served at Lucky Duck. Lots of people go up to the ice cream parlor on the second floor and eat their ice cream on the deck while they watch people bouncing on the bungee trampoline below.

The other nearby attraction is the boat rental dock. If you’re feeling like actually getting out on the water, all you have to do is rent a boat by the hour or by the day.

Local Tips

  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible!
  • Activities range in price from $3-15.
  • Hours of operation vary based on season and crowd.


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