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One of the enjoyable places for kids and young adults to spend time is the Fun-N-Games Arcade in Smith Mountain Lake. Located in Bridgewater Plaza shopping mall off of the Booker T. Washington Highway, this arcade offers plenty of fun and games, just like its name promises.

Now, this is not the place to come to relax and kick back. It’s noisy and busy, even on “slow” days. Once you walk in you are inundated with stimulus. From the dings and pings to the bright lights flashing everywhere, this place spells action.

The Fun-N-Games Arcade has actually been around for 30 decades. It opened all the way back in 1992 Thankfully the owners have obviously adopted a policy of putting profits back into the place to maintain and upgrade it along the way. It does not feel like a 30-year old arcade place at all. But it’s kind if fun to see adults come in to spend time here with there kids when you think that they probably used to enjoy the arcade as kids themselves.

How it Works & Pricing

Those who are used to the ticket-style arcade games might be a little disappointed. In fact, the Fun-N-Games Arcade used to have that same system. The ticket style, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the kind where you play a game, rack up points and a chain of tickets spews out, which you can exchange for a prize. But as mentioned, the owners of Fun-N-Games Arcade have kept up with the times and decided to go with a pay card system. It’s a little bit like the way a lot of casinos work now, where you get a card and then bring it up to the cashier for a payout.

But there are lots of fun little prizes to be won, ranging from candies to board games to mugs to plush toys. Even if you come away with as few as ten points, you can still choose something from the prize counter. The way it works is that you load up your card with tokens and then use those tokens to play games. Depending on what you play, you earn tokens, which go back on the card. Expect to spend about $20 per child if you’re a parent.

Types of Games

Fun-N-Games Arcade has more than 65 games to choose from. Some of them are more fun than others, and some are familiar while others are more unique. One of the good features that’s worth it to mention is that you’re not going to walk in here and find a bunch of “out of order” signs. Again, the owners put money in to maintain the arcade, and you’ll find that all the machines are in working order, with few exceptions.

Claw Machine

The claw machine is pretty typical and it’s near impossible to get a prize out of it. But it has been done!

Space Invaders

In my day we had to stand in front of a machine to play Space Invaders. But Fun-N-Games Arcade has Space Invaders on steroids (or should I say “asteroids”!). It’s a two-person, sit-down game with a giant screen in front where you take care of the invading alien ships.

Motorcycle Riding

They also have a dual motorcycle riding racing arcade game that’s a blast for kids who have yet to get a drivers license or for adults who want to see what it’s like to ride a motorcycle.


There’s the classic whack-a-mole game, where you try to pounce on top of moles who randomly pop up.

Basketball/Toss Games

There are several toss/basketball type games where you have to shoot balls into holes to earn points.

There are too many games to mention here, but suffice it to say, there’s something for people of all ages.

What to Know

The Fun-N-Games Arcade is open seven days a week from 10AM to 8PM. There’s no entrance fee, but you’ll need to pay to play the games. Just head over to the counter when you arrive and load up a games card, which you’ll use to acquire points to be traded for prizes.

If the noise gets to be a bit much for you, you can step outside for a break on the covered outdoor deck.

If you have a birthday boy or girl, this is a fun place to host their birthday party. The Fun-N-Games Arcade provides the tables, chairs and tablecloths and then the whole party group can sit outside on the covered deck. If it’s too cold, the party can be held indoors, too. They give the birthday child the equivalent of  1,000 tickets on a card to play games, as well. All you have to do is bring the cake, snacks and drinks. They don’t even charge extra for this service!

What's Nearby

There are five restaurants nearby in the Bridgewater Plaza; you don’t even have to drive to get there. It’s an entire little walkable area. If you want to switch to something a little bit more physical, try the Harbortown Mini Golf, just a stone’s throw away, behind the arcade.

Local Tips

  • Fun-N-Games uses a game card system.


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