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You might not think of Virginia as being wine country, but there is a very special winery in Goodview, VA that recently opened in May of 2021. Fables & Feathers is a family-owned and operated winery, but it’s much more than that. It’s a destination for families and loved ones to celebrate the bounty of the fertile Virginia soil.

The story began many years ago, in Illinois, when a young man named Tom took a young woman named Pam on a first date to go bowling. Five children later, the Leudtke family grew to include beloved daughters-in-law and seven grandkids. A green thumb, Tom started growing grapes in their backyard as a hobby in 2008. Soon, jams, jellies and homemade wine began appearing on the family table.

They began Marquette and Effemelle Winery, which proved to be a success. Fast forward to 2020, and the Leudtke’s discovered a full-fledged winery for sale in Goodview, VA called White Rock Winery. They reinvigorated the winery using their experience and hard work, and renamed it Fables & Feathers Winery. So even though Fables & Feathers Winery is officially just over a year old, the actual winery and the loving family who operate it have years of experience in the winery industry. Best of all, you can visit the winery and sample the fruits of their labor, along with some other enjoyable activities, beverages and events!

Our Experience at Fables & Feathers Winery

Fables & Feathers Winery is located at 2117 Bruno Drive in Goodview, VA, just about two miles northwest of downtown Goodview. This is a great destination if you want to get away from it all and step out into nature. It’s everything you imagine a winery should be, plus lots of views and vistas to admire. You can wander around the vineyard and admire the trees and hills in the background, or tuck inside on cooler days and look at the view from behind the floor to ceiling windows as you sip on your beverage and enjoy a bite to eat. The place is family-owned and you’ll feel like family from the moment you arrive.

The family “home” is a massive white colonial-style house, with what I would call a garden room or a conservatory. The tasting room is upstairs, where you can sample wines, beers and ciders. There’s a ramp, so if you or a member of your group is in a wheelchair, you have complete accessibility.

This is a casual place, where people generally turn up in blue jeans and a nice shirt. Because it’s higher up in elevation, shorts aren’t generally warm enough, nor would they be appropriate, really. The space is open concept, with lots of natural light and several different seating areas in addition to the tasting bar. You and your friends can sit back and relax on a sofa, an easy chair or any number of other comfortable places to sit.

Wines & Beverages

As I mentioned, Fables & Feathers Winery offers beer and cider tastings as well as wine. They have interesting flavors, like a pineapple cider, honey-infused wine, peach sangria and more. Their wines include chardonnay, reisling, rkatsiteli, merlot, pinot noir and more. The tasters come in sets of 4 and they are presented in a unique and aesthetic way - held in a sampler resembling a ferris wheel!

When it comes to food, they don't have much of a menu. However, they do have delectable chocolate truffles that will pair perfectly with your wine sampling. They are also probably the most beautiful truffles you will ever try!


Fables & Feathers Winery definitely sees itself as a destination. Families with children are very welcome, and there’s even a sandbox and an area with playground equipment.

Fables & Feathers Winery hosts weddings throughout the year. Speaking of special events, before you go be sure to check their Facebook page, where they post their calendar. If there’s a wedding, they typically close on that day.

The owners like to support local causes, too. For instance, they recently hosted a pet adoption and donation drive in partnership with a local animal shelter. That’s just the kind of people the owners are, and it shows in the way they operate the winery.

They also often have live music, which is a boon for local bands who need great venues in which to perform. It’s also a great way for future brides and grooms to come and audition a band for their wedding, which is what my friend did. She visited the winery with her family, heard a great band and booked the venue and the music that same day. Other fun events that they have include things like “Yoga in the Vineyard,” Stitch & Sip,” and a Greek food day.

They advertise features like RV and bus parking, a picnic area, and being pet and children friendly. It’s worth it mentioning that on rainy days, kids can play inside with a Brio train set and various kids’ toys.


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