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For those who have been to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, one of the most important steps for many is at Mexico Viejo Tequila Bar. It is such a fun and lively experience that we visit this location every time we are in the area. We visited because it is so perfectly located and the view is fantastic. You can sit outside and watch the marina during your visit. It is beautiful but also very relaxing. The music isn’t too loud though the food is spicy and full of flavor.

We have found that, consistently, Mexico Viejo has been packed with great food and lots of positive people working there. Every time everyone is happy and working together. I have seen them singing. It is a positive vibe, for sure.

The location is a combination of a bar and a restaurant. It is definitely a place you can bring the whole family. They are known for their spicy dishes and sweet margaritas. We have found them to be quite competitively priced compared to other restaurants in the area. It is a popular location in our family, too, because the portions are big and, after a day on the water and exploring the city, you’re usually very hungry. We have never left here hungry, that is for sure.

I have to recommend the tequila bar to anyone that wants authentic drinks and some outstanding quality. One of my friends with us was enthralled with the experience because the quality was fantastic, and the service was great.

Location and Environment

Mexico Viejo is located on Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta. It is a unique combination of vibrant food and a happy, dance-the-night-away type of location. They are open for lunch and dinner each day. Every time we visit, the location is busy but always staffed and efficient.

The environment is beautiful. There are areas of bright colors and a wide range of Mexican adornments throughout the establishment. No matter if you decide to eat inside or outside on the deck, you are sure to find the area to be quite welcoming. It is well-maintained as well. We love all of the details throughout the location, from the multi-colored stools and chairs to the fun plaques and artwork that are on just about every wall and surface in the area. There is always something interesting and beautiful to look at here.

What’s Good

There is a lot to love about the menu at Mexico Viejo. We found it to be full of great foods and fresh ingredients. They do have two menus, one designed for lunch only, that is more affordable with smaller portions (though we have found these to still be rather large portions overall).

When it comes to what to choose, you definitely want to check out the Pollo Chipolte, which is char-grilled chicken breast that has a spicy and sweet style sauce in it. It is served with all of the fixings and tortillas. It is very affordable. We also like the Carnitas Dinner, which includes this super flavorful marinated pork that is served over Mexican rice, refried beans, and more. It is made using Orange juice and Dos Equis beer – the flavor is fantastic, and it is always a popular option (it was sold out once, and I was definitely disappointed).

They have a lot of the popular Mexican dishes many people are looking for, including enchiladas and fajitas. We really like the seafood here, too. You can tell it is quite fresh overall. The Camaron Yucatan is a sound choice. This meal comes with grilled shrimp with peppers and so much more – squash, zucchini, and more. It has a spicy but sweet Yucatan sauce with it.

They also have a full children’s menu, which is perfect for kids who may not always like Mexican food. There are Mexican choices like beef enchiladas, chicken soft tacos, and quesadillas. They also have things like chicken nuggets and burgers for kids who may be a bit pickier.

There are a few other things we have loved over our experiences here. That includes the Nachos Supremos, which have tons of beef and chicken on them, along with beans, lettuce, guacamole, and more. You can also check out the salads with confidence, including the Texas Salad, which includes grilled chicken, steak, and shrimp over mixed greens with lots of veggies.

You will find that the guacamole and salsas here are fantastic. They are made in house and fresh each day, which really helps them to have some of the best flavors possible. You may find that it is hard to get into this restaurant because it is so busy, but it is certainly worth making a trip over – don’t forget the drinks, too.


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