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Edo Grill and Sushi near Smith Mountain Lake is my go-to place when I’m in the mood for sushi! Edo Grill and Sushi really knows what they’re doing. It’s a full-fledged Japanese restaurant, but honestly they have a lot of things on the menu that aren’t traditionally Japanese, like their Kung Pow Chicken. I always have the sushi because it’s so fresh and, of course, since this restaurant is right up the road from the lake, it makes sense.

This family-owned and run eatery has been open since 2006, and it still has a family feeling the moment you walk in the front door. In fact, it kind of feels like you’re walking into your grandma’s house, but in a good way; that wholesome way when you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a place where you’re loved without judgement and there’s always something yummy coming from the kitchen.

Edo Grill & Sushi: The History

The story behind Edo Grill and Sushi is just as warm and inviting as the decor. Sixteen years ago, owners Jenny and Shawn opened the doors to their newest restaurant in Moneta, Virginia. With 26 years of experience, and two previous restaurants, Shawn was well-prepared. Shawn immigrated to the U.S. when he was just 25 years old. His wife Jenny immigrated to the U.S. when she was only 15 years old. Both Jenny and Shawn are from the same village in China, although they only met here in the United States.

Their chef at Edo Grill and Sushi also immigrated from the same region of China. Their chef brings over 19 years of experience to the table. Shawn and Jenny are very family-oriented. They have three beautiful daughters and pride themselves on giving a good example to their children. I for one think it’s very nice to support a family business with owners who obviously place a high value on customer service and quality.

Our Experience At Edo Grill & Sushi

The building itself is kind of hidden, so you could easily drive right past it. Just put 1035 Mercantile Street, Moneta, VA in your GPS to be on the safe side. But if you’re coming up from the lake, you’ll pass the Food Lion on your left, then the Diamond Hill Road intersection. Take a right onto S. Old Moneta Road and then your first left onto Mercantile Street. If you get to the 608 intersection, you’ve gone too far. The restaurant is in an unassuming, rectangular building pretty much in an open field. Ample parking is in the back.

There are no stairs, and the dining room is nice and spacious, so there’s plenty of room to navigate a wheelchair. The environment is very subdued. Quiet music plays in the background, and because the restaurant is fully carpeted, the acoustics are very soothing. It’s not echoey like a lot of large restaurants sometimes get.

They have some booth seating along the edges of the dining room. They also have assorted wooden tables and chairs without tablecloths. However, I have to say that the chairs are quite comfortable. Interestingly, they serve dishes with metal chopsticks, which is a nice way to avoid using natural resources. This is just another indicator of the caring mindset of the owners.

What's Good on the Menu

Surprisingly, this eatery does not use MSG, and their dishes don’t use much oil at all. If you do have special dietary needs, just let your waiter know and they’ll do what they can to accommodate you. Edo Grill and Sushi offers dine-in, takeout and some outdoor seating. They offer catering services, too. They also have a small bar where you and your friends can have a drink before dinner.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re going to find some items on the menu that stray from traditional Japanese food. I’m thinking that the reasoning behind this is so that if you come in a  group and not everyone wants Japanese food, they’ll be able to find something they like. At least, that’s what my group did when we came in. We had one person who wanted to go for Chinese food, but she was outvoted by the rest of us. We were all thankful when we saw things like the Kung Pow Chicken, which she ordered and enjoyed.

They also have Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken and some other familiar Chinese dishes. You’ll also find hand-made sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura, seaweed dishes and, of course, Teppanyaki. If you’ve never had Teppanyaki, you owe it to yourself to try it here. It’s a traditional Japanese dish of some kind of meat like fish, or beef, fried and served in a broth on a big steel dish. Don’t leave without ordering sushi, though. The presentation alone is Instagram-worthy.


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Local Tips

  • Edo offers primarily Japanese cuisine with some Chinese food on the menu as well.
  • Edo's location is a little hidden so be sure to refer to the


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