Beautiful Sedona is located in the heart of the Arizona desert. Visitors come here for many reasons including stunning red-rock buttes, incredible canyons ideal for nature lovers and lush pine forests filled with wildlife at every turn. Red Rock State Park is an especial favorite for those who are looking for bird-watching and fabulous places to have a picnic. The mild climate has attracted people for decades. Today, a large arts community has settled in the region, bringing with them a laid back vibe. The area makes the perfect destination for people who adore natural beauty and want to see an area with incredible sights just beckoning exploration in person. Those who venture to the center of Sedona will find much to explore as well including upscale spas, wonderful restaurants, and bars.

The Local Cuisine

Sedona has been a crossroads for many cultures over the years including Native American, Spanish and contemporary American. This is reflected in the regional food/restaurants scene. Those who are here to enjoy vacation rentals from our property management company will find much to appreciate and choose from when looking for food to prepare or a nice restaurant to sample. Local markets offer lots of fresh produce for sale along with a vast array of proteins that grow easily in the abundant sunshine. Many area food/restaurants focus on ethnic cuisines such as Mexican, Indian and the foods of the Southwest. Many chefs have moved to this part of the country, knowing they will have a receptive audience for their skill and devotion to the art of dining. The emphasis is also on using the resources of the land and creating fresh plates that take full advantage of the area’s impressive bounty.

Southwest Options

Given the region’s proximity to Mexico, it’s no surprise that this area is home to many Mexican and Southwestern restaurants. Visitors to the vacation rentals owned by our property management company can find many types of Southwestern restaurants for any occasion. For example, the Red Rock Cafe makes an excellent place to begin the day with light brunch that uses many local ingredients and regional flavors. Those who are looking for a casual lunch that will give them plenty of energy to explore the area should drop by Tamaliza. Homemade tamales are on the menu here with plenty of varied options that let anyone customize them to their personal tastes. At night, drop by for a cold glass of beer from the tap. There’s also lots of other Mexican options in the area including upscale places for a gourmet meal combining Southwestern flavors with modern technique.

Organic and Wholesome

Many visitors and residents are looking for food full of nutrition. The region’s delightful climate offers lots of time to spend outdoors all year long. Active residents want to do all they can to fuel body and mind. This is why they look for restaurants and regional markets that make it easy for them to stay healthy even when on vacation. Restaurant owners have risen to the challenge with menus that place an emphasis on healthy eating and using great ingredients. For example, at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, it’s all about food that tastes great, look fabulous and makes it easy to tackle the area’s lovely outdoor spaces with a full tank of energy. People who have dietary restrictions such as the need to remain gluten free can head to this community knowing they have what they need to remain healthy. There are lots of dining spaces that also offer vegetarian and vegan menu items. Local markets also carry items that can be prepared at home with ease as well as fully prepared takeout possibilities that make it easy to bring something home for dinner, pop it in the microwave and sit back enjoying the area’s great sunsets with friends and family.

Other Dining Possibilities

One of the great pleasures of staying in Sedona is that it has become a mecca for foodies from around America and in other parts of the world. Many people of varied backgrounds have come here and brought the flavors of their homelands along with them. Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano offers fine Italian dining that is just right for a formal occasion. This is an ideal place to hit if the traveler is looking for something special to mark the end of a day spent exploring the region’s wonders. Those who love the intense flavors of Indian cuisine can head for Indian Gardens Cafe & Market for an inexpensive meal that offers tremendous flavor and takes full advantage of the area’s locally grown spices.

Food and dining are much celebrated in this town. Visitors should take full advantage of the region’s terrific cuisine.