El Oktopus Restaurant Bar

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When you go to the Malecon area there are a few marks you have to hit for example: the view, the food and drinks, among others and this place gets them all with flying colors! Little to nothing is missed here due to the fact that is run by a couple of locals; a brother and sister who happen to be architects. This turned out to be a huge factor as to why the place has such delightful interior design, rocking a cool design by one of the main streets in Rocky Point. Accompanied by a vibe-y and chill playlist going along with its inviting menu, it will turn out to be one of the experiences you don't want to miss out while visiting Rocky Point.

Delicious, Uniquely Prepared Seafood 

 As mentioned before there is a checklist of props The Oktopus got down , among those besides the great food, refreshing drinks, and atmosphere, The Oktopus offers plenty of props for you and your family to sit down, relax and enjoy an evening by the beach with family or friends, no matter the occasion. The atmosphere of the place itself is tropical and relaxed, you can choose from seating in the first floor or go up to the terrace that honestly for me is the hot spot at this restaurant, you can see the nightlife around the Malecon, the palm trees and the sea in the bottom of your picture framed by beachy white door frames wide open for you, how are you treated, what you get delivered to your table, a fair price for sure and to that, you just have to be there to enjoy the view, the location makes it perfect to grab a pre-party stage of the night, grab some food and drinks and get fueled up for a fun night at the Malecón. 

Must Try Menu Items

Special Margarita

The best, house margarita with fresh orange juice made on-site!

Roca Shrimp & Alyssa Shrimp

These golden-fried beauties are always a popular choice, accompanied by a sauce, they can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a full entree. Alternatively, the Alyssa Shrimp dish has delicious coconut breaded shrimp with sweet mango sauce and grilled vegetables. 

Las Burgers

One of the most popular entrees is within the burger category on the menu - they have 5 different signature choices. We highly recommend the Jack Burger and the Crispy Chicken. Both are very different takes on a satisfying handheld.

Tuna Roll

Breaded Kanikama, cucumber, carrots, avocado, and sesame seeds, simple but tasty! Discover the variety of delicious sushi rolls they have.

This will be your new favorite seafood spot here. From shrimp to Octopus, they have all your favorites and more, they also offer vegan options or are open to changing the ingredients in some dishes if you require. So come on in and see what's cooking! visit The Oktopus and see for yourself what makes this little colorful and happy spot in the Malecon so special.

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Local Tips

  • Open daily for brunch, lunch, and dinner!


5/5 (8)
Nayelly Zuluaga
Best michelada can be found at Oktopus! Sunsets are amazing and sushi is pretty great.
Gissel R
Excellent food with a great variety of dishes for the whole family. The view is really beautiful :)
Juan Rojo
What a delicious menu you guys have, I've been delighted by every meal I've tried. Especially the seafood, always outstanding and so fresh. I really love going there and having a drink on the terrace, the sightseeing is beautiful and the service is just great! I wish more places had the quality that you guys have! Keep it up!
Juan Martinez
El oktopus Restaurante Bar has some of the best sea food around. They have a great variety in their menu. You can get sea food, fish and even burgers!
William Pierce
Octopus is an exceptional seafood and sushi restaurant, offering a perfect combination of great food, stunning views, and excellent service. Located right next to the gorgeous malecon, the restaurant boasts a fantastic deck with panoramic views of the ocean, making it a must-visit destination for all. The menu features a wide variety of options, but the standout dishes are the sushi and seafood, made with fresh and natural ingredients. I personally had the raw tuna sushi which was DELICIOUS! The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable. With its amazing food, breathtaking location, and fantastic deck, Octopus is an unforgettable dining experience.
Manuel Fernandez
I was curious to try the Roca Shrimp since on the pictures they looked delicious. I went a couple of days ago and tried them. they were everything if not more than what i was expecting They come with this sauce on top and a salad, all 3 things mixed is the perfect conbination. I aso tried the burger and the meat was very high quality and perfectly cooked.
Fernando S
I very much liked the Tina Roll!! Very good!
Ismael M.
Me and friends love this place! I would recommend that go here at sunset, the view is beautiful! I love the sushi from here, it's hard to find a good sushi place and this is definitely one of them, although they are not the fastest to deliver, it's totally worth the wait

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