Completed Amenities

Because this is a developing collection of resort towers, the amenities are still a work in progress or are in the final stages of receiving the last finishing touches. However, quite a few of the important main amenities have been completed and are currently available for use! We will be sure to keep you updated as new amenities become available. (Fall 2022)

  • ✪ Main Pool with Jacuzzis (2) and Kid Pools (2)

  • ✪ Swim-up Pool Bar

  • ✪ Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina Restaurant

  • ✪ Blue Palm Cafe (Serving Starbucks)

  • ✪ Temporary Pet Park

  • ✪ Clubhouse 1

  • ✪ Fitness Center

  • ✪ Massage Rooms

  • ✪ Parking Lot, Underground Parking & Paved Road

In Progress

  • ⌛ Deluxe Pet Park

  • ⌛ Spacious Parking Garages

  • ⌛ Adult-only Rooftop Pools (2)

  • ⌛ Relaxing Lazy Rivers (2)

  • ⌛ Basketball Court

  • ⌛ Pickleball Court

  • ⌛ Driving Range


  • ☑ Bowling Alley

  • ☑ Gas Station

  • ☑ Convenience Store

  • ☑ Jet Ski Ramp

  • ☑ Event Center

  • ☑ Clubhouse 2

Resort Exterior & Lobby

To get to the towers, you will have to pass through two security gates and drive down the expanse of the 5 mile paved road to the resort. When you arrive to the second and final security gate, you'll be greeted by a friendly employee and palm-tree lined streets. From here, the lobby is unmistakeable as the foremost building at the roundabout.

You can park above ground at the lots and then make your way inside to check in and get your wristbands. The lobby is bright, modern, and spacious. To your left, there is a concierge desk and to the right is the Sales Office. Additionally, the Blue Palm Cafe is inside the lobby as well as a Fitness Center, Massage Room, Bathrooms, and Vending Machines.

At the concierge desk, a friendly Casago employee will assist you check in and answer any questions you may have. From there, you will receive your color-coded wristband - each guest at the Towers must wear their wrist bands at all times. The only exception to the wrist band rule is for owners.

Home Interiors & Amenities

The inside of each and every Encantame Towers Home offers luxurious amenities, finishes, and elegant furnishings. There are 4 different floor plans to choose from which are 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom Deluxe, and 3 Bedrooms. All of which have different draws. Though, every single unit has the same high-end appliances and style. All of the appliances inside your condo will be from Smeg, a top-of-the-line European brand. That means that the appliances are just a little bit smaller than what you might expect. They also have different procedures for use so if you have any issues with how to use them, you can always ask the front desk for help or scan the QR code near the appliance for a tutorial.

There is a large variety when it comes to decor! Most of the homes here go with a clean, minimal, modern coastal look. Though, there are many that are themed or more colorful. For example, we have a condo (Unit 801) with a Star Wars Theme! How cool is that? So once you're able to decide on your floor plan, all you have to decide on is which decor appeals to you the most. Every home is very open and spacious - they also all come with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors throughout. So no matter what home you're in, you'll be able to enjoy sprawling ocean views and terrace.

Resort Pools

If there's one thing that other resorts can't compete with, it's the pools! The sprawling main pool directly across Playa Encanto is equipped with a Swim-up Bar, a jacuzzi on each end, a kiddie pool on each end, and more.

The stunning pool areas are truly what gives a resort feeling. Lined with tall palm trees and just steps away from the beach, it can't get better than this. There are dozens of chairs available for you to lay back and soak up the sun on. In addition, there is a deck above the swim-up bar that has a few elevated seats.

The main pool at its deepest depth is 4 feet and 2 inches while the kids pools are just 1 foot and 3 inches deep. Alternatively, the jacuzzi is 3 feet deep. During the months of October-April, the main pool's water is heated to a perfect 32 degrees Celcius (or 89.6 Fahrenheit). However, the other pools do not have heated water during these months. The jacuzzis, of course, are heated year-round to a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius ot 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can decide what temperature is most suitable to you.

The most recently completed addition to the pools are a kids slide near the Santo Coyote restaurant. Once the towers are fully completed, there will be adult-only rooftop pools to enjoy!

Playa Encanto

Playa Encanto is one of the more private, secluded beaches in the area. Here, horses are actually allowed to roam and offer rides along the beach which is not common. What makes this beach so incredible is that it’s sprawling, there are plenty of palapas, and hardly anyone around. So, while beaches like Sandy Beach are typically crawling with people - you can count on finding a nice, large area to relax at Playa Encanto.

Just a stairway and a few steps away from the Encantame Towers, you’ll find yourself on the shore here. The Towers also offer showers below the stairs, between the beach and the pool area. So, you can feel comfortable going back to relax by the pool or enjoy a meal at Santo Coyote, sand-free.

Swim Up Pool Bar

One of the best things about a resort swimming pool is having the convenience of a swim-up bar! At the Encantame Towers, the pool bar is completely equipped with any type of liquor or other beverage that you could want.

In addition, the pool bar even serves food. The incredible food they offer comes straight from the on-site restaurant Santo Coyote and their menu is pretty expansive, including most of the items on the restaurant's menu. So, if you're short on time or can't snag a reservation at Santo Coyote, ordering some food and relaxing by the pool is always an option.

Fitness Center

The Encantame Towers state-of-the-art fitness center is just one of the incredible amenities available during your stay. They have multiple treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes for you to use. In addition, there are a couple of versatile machines and free weights. Just picture it - you can get a quick morning workout in with views of Playa Encanto right in front of you! Once construction is fully complete, the views will also include a lazy river and the main pools. You can even think of it as motivation to finish your workout and go down to enjoy the pool!

Aside from the main fitness room, there is also a stretch room right next door. It may not look like much through the floor-to-ceiling transparent walls, but they actually have some free weights, mats, and additional equipment for you to use. Directly across the fitness center are convenient bathrooms and massage rooms.

Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina

This cantina serves up some of the freshest food in Rocky Point. Between the fresh food and breathtaking views, Santo Coyote is hard to beat! Many Encantame guests find themselves eating here night after night and have raved about the delicious seafood and unique selection of drinks. The ambiance transforms from a fun upscale beach cantina during the day, to a modern and romantic dining establishment at night. The entire staff takes care of their guests from the moment they walk in the door, so you're sure to feel welcome at Santo Coyote! You may even find yourself quickly becoming a regular, as many others have.

Some of the best food on the menu is part of their table-side offerings, it can't get any fresher than that! Delicious caesar salads, guacamole, steak tacos, mango margaritas, and more will be just a few steps away.

Blue Palm Cafe

Looking for a handcrafted coffee or delicious bite on the go? Blue Palm Cafe's fresh and fast menu is perfect for an early morning bite or a quick pick-me-up. Our guests have said they love the convince of walking down to grab their morning cup of coffee and taking it back to enjoy their beach view from their private patios. They serve Starbucks coffee at this location, so your daily Starbucks habit is welcome! With a full selection of options including cappuccinos, americanos, mochas, and even your favorite classic Starbucks frappuccinos from back home, you're sure to leave energized and ready for whatever activities your day holds!

Next to the Blue Palm Cafe, there are also fridges that offer all sorts of alcoholic beverages for your convenience! Some of the on-hand libations include Dos Equis, Bud Light, Coors Light, Tecate, and Millter Lite. They also a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks including sparking water, chocolate milk, Electrolit, juice boxes and water bottles.

Eco Fun Adventures

Located right on property, to the right side of the pool near the Playa Encanto access point, you will find an Eco Fun Adventures booth. Here you can conveniently book an excursion through the Eco Fun representative and they will take care of everything for you. All of their most popular tours are offered including Bird Island, Parasailing, Whale Watching, Sport Fishing, Mar de Cortes, and more. The whale watching tour is seasonal so that particular one isn't always available, but the others they offer are available year-round!

Pricing for the tour varies on the duration and activity, but on average it's about $50/person. The more people that are in your group, the better pricing you'll be able to get. So make sure to ask your representative about potential group discounts or specials they may have going on.