Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina (Encantame Towers)

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Santo Coyote is making a splash in Rocky Point as one of the best new restaurants in town. Located at the Encantame Towers on Playa Encanto, enjoy high-quality, mouth-watering food and attentive service with an ocean view.

Getting There

This restaurant is just about 15 minutes outside of town at the Encantame Towers. When you arrive to the front gate, you can tell them they are going to dine at Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina. From there, you'll drive down the paved road into the Towers and park in the lot to the left of the lobby. Walk past the lobby building towards the back of the towers. There, you'll find the main pools and the restaurant.

You must have a reservation to dine here. Reservations can be made via phone, text, or in person at the host stand outside the restaurant. Be sure to make your reservations in advance, as Santo Coyote gains in popularity, they are beginning to fill up quickly - especially on the weekends!

History & Environment

This Santo Coyote location is the third so far throughout Mexico. They have over 25 years of experience in the culinary industry and continue to impress guests across the nation. Currently, another location in the works in Puerto Vallarta.

Walking past the towers towards Playa Encanto, you'll find the Ocean Cantina to your left. You'll quickly recognize their iconic decorative tree with hanging baskets, greeting you as you approach. There are multiple tables both inside and outside to accommodate for groups, large or small.

The ambiance of the restaurant is upscale while the dress code can still be casual. If you're looking for the perfect spot for date night, an anniversary, or celebration of some sort - this is the place! The service is highly attentive, professional, and friendly. After dining here, your standards will be set for the rest of your trip!

What's on the menu at Santo Coyote?

Though the menu is small, it's mighty. No matter what you order, you're in for a tasty, high-quality dish. Everything is prepared with attention to detail and their tried-and-true recipes, so you can't go wrong. Though, there are some stand out choices that we highly recommend:

Table-side Choices

Part of what makes the service here so extraordinary is the table-side menu options. For example, the salsa, guacamole, and caesar salad are all prepared right at your table. It can't get fresher than that. In addition, you're able to customize the taste. This includes deciding the level of spice you'd like or which ingredients you want to exclude (such as no onions or no jalapenos).


Santo Coyote is becoming known for having the best, cooked-to-perfection octopus in town! Since Rocky Point is a fishing village, you can expect that some of the best items on the menu at any restaurant are seafood based. When you order the Zarandeado, you can choose between shrimp or octopus (pulpo). We recommend the octopus as there are numerous rave reviews.


When in Mexico, you have to indulge in tacos and you won't be disappointed here. Offering Rib Eye or Al Pastor tacos, they each offer their own distinct flavor. Al Pastor tacos come with a refreshing pineapple salsa. Alternatively, the rib eye tacos are more simple. Both options come with sides of cilantro, onion, and avocado/chipotle sauce.

Other Popular Picks

Some other guest favorites include the Santa Fe Salmon, Seafood Pasta, and of course, Steaks.

Local Tips

  • Located at the Encantame Towers
  • Reservations are required


5/5 (10)
I've eaten all over the world and never had the 'attention' that I had here- Plus the food was excellent!!
The fanciest and the best restaurant in town is located at Enctantame towers, every single dish on the menu is just exquisite! Their original cocktails are just delicious, and their guacamole is just very good. So far the best restaurant in Rocky Point, highly recommended.
Elsa Camacho
I recommended this place for the service and the red fruit mojitos, really good the views. This place is incredible and calm.
David Mejorado
Santo Coyote is a must-visit for all Rocky Point visitors! The pork platter is a standout dish that showcases the restaurant's mastery of traditional Mexican flavor. The juicy, tender pork is paired perfectly with a sauce that brings out the excellent flavor. And if that wasn't enough, it's located right in front of the ocean!
Guadalupe Rosas
Very nice place. I loved it and its delicious food and drinks. I recommended the jarritos.
A true experience to be able to enjoy the dishes of Santo Coyote, their drinks are also fascinating, I highly recommend you visit this place.
Francisco javier Rodriguez vazquez
Great place for dinner and relaxing while watching the sunset.
Suzette Marin
Absolutely amazing! The place is beautiful and staff are super friendly and the food is delicious, best guacamole ever!! I love that you get a lot of food as well for the price. I am definitely going back.
Adriana Peña
This is very tasty. Everything was delicious. This restaurant is very Nice. Cool and innovative drinks. I want to go again.
We recently celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary with friends here. The food, the service, the views, ambiance, the prices, the entire experience was in a word … fantastic. Thank you Martin for spoiling us!

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