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Pepe's Tacos is one of the most famous spots in Vallarta. They are known for having the best tacos in town since 1987! But, that's not all they have on the menu. When you visit Puerto Vallarta, a visit here is a must. It's almost considered a rite of passage when visiting due to how iconic they are.

History & Location

Don Jose "Pepe" Curiel made the move from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta back in 1987. Upon arrival, he was shocked to find that you couldn't find tacos al pastor anywhere in town! So, the idea hatched to start his own taco shop. Not only is this the original place to find al pastor tacos, they are one of the only places open all night long. They actually close at 6AM, so this is  one of the only places you can count on for some late night (or early morning) food! After a night on the town, some fresh warm tacos will be just what you need. One of the best things about Pepe's Tacos is that they have remained very affordable, even after becoming so popular! Tacos vary from anywhere between 22-50 MXN which is about $1-2.50 USD.

You can smell the mouth-watering aroma of fresh tacos and seasonings from afar as you approach the restaurant. In front, a worker is always busy slicing fresh pastor meat off the vertical grill. On top of the spool, there is usually a fresh pineapple dripping down juice to make the meat even more tasty! Inside, there is plenty of seating. Given that this restaurant has become an icon in the area, they've expanded over time to offer plenty of seating.

What's on the menu?

Though they are known for their al pastor tacos (and they're a must try!), they offer plenty of other food on the menu as well. Choose from a vast selection of quesadillas, tacos al carbon, specials, tortas, tostadas, and more! The section they're most popular for is right in the middle under the category "de la parrilla," which translates to "Off the Grill."


You can't go wrong with a quesadilla and kids tend to love this flatbread style choice! They offer over a dozen different types of quesadillas with styles for all flavor palettes. Flavors are inspired by different cultures and locations around the world. For example, they offer a Hawaiian, Japonese, Italian, and Mexicana quesadilla.

De La Parrilla

Translating to "off the grill", this is the main event on their menu. These taco combo plates all come with corn tortillas. Some popular combos are pastor con queso, bisteck con queso, and alambre combos which include tocino and marron. Tocino is bacon and marron is a spanish chestnut type of sauce.

With all this delicious food, you will definitely need a refreshing beverage to wash it all down. They have a great variety of drinks including cervezas (beer), tequila, vodka, cocktails, and more. If you're not looking for an alcoholic beverage, they've got you covered with multiple agua frescas and soft drinks. When it comes to dessert, try some of their popular flan!

Local Tips

  • Great for a late night meal, they're open from 1PM-6AM.
  • Tacos al pastor are what they're most famous for!


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