Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

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Sitting on Mexico’s Pacific coast is beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Year after year, this charming city has enraptured the hearts of visitors with its gorgeous water views, lively nightlife, friendly natives, culinary delights and more. Below are some of the activities and attractions of Puerto Vallarta that we know you will enjoy!

Popular Activities in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta Beaches

There are both lively and relaxing beaches in Puerto Vallarta. For visitors who are looking to spend the day at a beach with food vendors, engage in various water sports, or have a couple of drinks by the water, beaches like the famous Playa del Los Muertos and Playa Las Gemelas are perfect for you. For a more tranquil day on the seashore, visit the Garza Blanca or the enchanting Boca de Tomatlan beach.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing, Whale Watching and More

Puerto Vallarta offers many different recreational activities for those who enjoy marveling at nature and experiencing the call of the wild.

  • Fishing: Puerto Vallarta fishing charters abound, and experienced anglers can participate in the annual Puerto Vallarta International Sailfish & Marlin Fishing Tournament. Book sportfishing boats with veteran crews to catch trophy-size Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Snapper and more.
  • Whale Watching: A popular activity in Puerto Vallarta is whale watching. There are dozens of different tours and boats you can go on with experienced staff that will allow you to see whales up close!
  • Vallarta Botanical Gardens: Also known as the Jardines Botánicos de Vallarta, the Botanical Gardens are easily reachable by bus or taxi. In the gardens, you will find a multitude of different wildflowers and insect life. The Botanical Gardens are generally open daily from 10am to 6pm.
  • Boat Tours: For more wildlife adventures on the water, you can also go on a boat tour. Boat tours in Puerto Vallarta allow visitors to explore the coast and get a different perspective on the surrounding geography and marvelous sights that Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas have to offer.
  • Snorkeling: Puerto Vallarta is rich with marine life. There are many different locations to go snorkeling, all of which offer something new to see, from starfish to colorful coral and angelfish.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Given Puerto Vallarta’s waterfront location, this area is well known for its outstanding seafood. If you’re in the mood for a local delicacy straight from the ocean, head into any restaurant on the water or even head down to the local fish market. The vendors are friendly, knowledgeable, and are happy to filet any fish you want!

To further enhance your foodie experience while in Puerto Vallarta, check out one of the many food tours that are offered. Food tours go throughout the city, and allow you to experience different local cuisines, amazing taco stands, and regional drinks.

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Puerto Vallarta Shopping and Art Galleries

While walking through the streets of Puerto Vallarta you will see many different jewelry, gift, and specialty shops that offer perfect mementos and gifts that will remind you of your trip for years to come. The handmade boutique shops offer carefully crafted jewelry and decor for your home. If you are a fan of art, you will be pleased to know that the streets of Puerto Vallarta are also filled with a variety of different galleries and art installments. Head over to the Galleria Dante, a European “salon”-style gallery with art from a large assortment of Mexican-born artists, or take a walk through the Vallarta Art Walk gallery to enjoy some wine while looking at different art installments.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

From cozy bars with a pool table to raucous clubs where crowds spill out onto the streets, the Puerto Vallarta nightlife scene has something for every after-hours taste. Listen to live rock music at Club Roxy, or try creative cocktails at Bar la Playa. Hit the massive dance floor at Strana, or try artisan beers at Los Muertos Brewing Company. Or for sophisticated cabaret in Zona Romantica, try Act II Entertainment.

Puerto Vallarta Tours

There is no shortage of things to see in Puerto Vallarta. Book one of many wonderful Puerto Vallarta tours with informed and friendly guides, who will take you to some of the city’s sightseeing highlights:

  • El Malecon– Take a walk along the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beachfront promenade, stretching 14 blocks. The boardwalk contains dozens of restaurants, bars, galleries and vendor stalls, where local artisans display their work and items for sale. The Malecon also features many of the town’s trendiest bars and discos.
  • Old Vallarta (also known as the Romantic Zone)- in Old Vallarta, you will find more shops, cafes, bars and restaurants than anywhere else in town. Old Vallarta features an old-world charm, with its cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture. The atmosphere here will set the mood for the perfect evening or afternoon with your loved one.
  • The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe – This icon of the city is featured in many of the postcards, photos, and logos regarding Puerto Vallarta. No matter what time of the year you visit the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe, there are always festivities nearby! Especially, between Dec 1st and Dec 12th. During this time period, there is the Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival, where the streets surrounding the church are filled with non-stop music, dancing, decorated floats, food vendors, and more.

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