Scottsdale Waterfront

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Scottsdale Waterfront


Are you drawn to a lifestyle of elegance and charm? Then let the Scottsdale Waterfront be your next stop. This 1.1 million square foot mixed-use project has become a distinctive lifestyle destination, creating a space that's a nod to tradition and a leap into modern living.

In this urban oasis, the waterfront boasts a diverse collection of retail, office, restaurant, and high-rise residential buildings. Notable names like Urban Outfitters, Primp and Blow, and Diane's Beachwear grace the area, offering a haven for shopping enthusiasts. 

Meanwhile, culinary delights await at renowned restaurants like Culinary Dropout, Olive & Ivy, P.F. Chang's, and China Bistro, ensuring a delicious variety to satisfy every palate.

The development houses the Fiesta Bowl headquarters and museum, making it a shopping and dining haven and a unique cultural hub at the same time. 

This amalgamation of entertainment and lifestyle makes the Scottsdale Waterfront a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of the city's diverse offerings. 

Whether strolling along the paths lined with festive palm trees or indulging in a shopping spree, the waterfront promises an enriching experience at the heart of Scottsdale.

Fun Facts & Cool Features 

Venture into the enchanting world of the Scottsdale Waterfront, where every step involves discovering picturesque surroundings and captivating features. 

One standout element is the meticulously designed setting. Strolling the paths, you'll find yourself surrounded by festive palm trees, their fronds swaying in the gentle breeze, creating a serene atmosphere that sets the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk.

Moreover, vibrant flower beds add color to the environment, creating a visual feast for visitors. From seasonal blooms to carefully curated landscapes, the flora enhances the overall ambiance, making the experience a sensory journey through nature's beauty.

A true highlight of the Scottsdale Waterfront experience is the presence of stunning public art sculptures. These sculptures are strategically placed along the paths as landmarks and interactive art. 

The Soleri and Marshall Way bridges are architectural wonders that elegantly span the canal, connecting the Scottsdale Waterfront to Southbridge and the Scottsdale Fifth Avenue Shopping District. These bridges facilitate easy navigation and contribute to the area's European flair, blending modern sophistication with timeless charm.

Additionally, the proximity to Scottsdale Fashion Square provides an exclusive shopping experience for enthusiasts. This convenience adds a layer of versatility to your outing.

The Scottsdale Waterfront is more than a destination for retail therapy and culinary delights on a Phoenix getaway. It is also a sensory-rich journey through art, nature, and architectural splendor. 

Whether you're captivated by the public sculptures or crossing the elegant bridges, every moment at the Scottsdale Waterfront is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the multifaceted beauty of this urban oasis.

Getting There 

Getting to Scottsdale Waterfront is a breeze, especially from Scottsdale, Arizona. Follow these simple steps:

  • Head west on E Indian School Rd toward N 73rd Pl
  • Turn left onto N Scottsdale Rd
  • Turn right onto E Camelback Rd
  • Walk straight till you reach your destination.
  • Address: 7135 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Visiting and parking at the Scottsdale Waterfront is free!

Local Tips

  • Opt for the Fashion Square garage for convenient parking during events.
  • Weekends and winter months tend to be busier due to tourists and
  • Explore the diverse events hosted throughout the year, like Canal Convergence in November.
  • Wheelchair accessible, making it inclusive for all visitors.


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