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Churrasco Platter at Toro
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What do you get when you fuse Latin/Asian-inspired cuisine with top-shelf Caribbean rums? Answer: Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar! 

The eatery is led by acclaimed Chef Richard Sandoval, who masterfully melds Japanese and Chinese-Peruvian flavors into a menu that resonates with diversity.

Take your pick from a spectrum of dishes that range from the fiery Brazilian churrasco to the irresistible allure of wok-inspired creations!

Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar resides within the confines of the TPC Scottsdale Clubhouse, and its well-guarded secret lies in the breathtaking views it affords over the 18th hole. 

This locale sets the stage for an unparalleled dining experience, making Toro a go-to spot for those seeking a culinary adventure.

Whether seeking a vibrant culinary escapade or exploring the vibrant city of Scottsdale, Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar promises a rendezvous with unique flavors, cultural fusions, and a transforming atmosphere. 

In every bite and every sip, Toro captures the spirit of Latin America, offering an unforgettable and flavorful encounter for all who step through its doors.


At Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar, sophistication seamlessly intertwines with relaxed charm. The contemporary and chic decor creates the perfect setting for an intimate yet lively dining experience. Panoramic golf course views make for a tranquil backdrop that elevates the pleasure of savoring Latin-Asian fusion cuisine.

The ambiance exudes a modern elegance that enhances the overall dining affair. Dining on the patio introduces an extra layer of allure, allowing patrons to bask in the scenic beauty surrounding the Scottsdale restaurant. 

Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar: Menu & Drinks

Regarding Toro's menu, the options are as diverse as the cultures it draws inspiration from. 

Start with a Nikkei-Style Sushi Roll like the standout ​​Angry Tuna. This roll features spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, yuzu negi, sweet chili sauce, and yuzu aioli. Latin and Asian flavors dance harmoniously within this culinary creation, offering a symphony of spice and freshness.

Toro's Specialty menu section lists some impressive choices. The Lomo Saltado showcases tender beef tenderloin, creamy jasmine rice, arroz soy jus, crispy potatoes, heirloom tomato, grilled onion, and rocoto aioli.

From the grill, consider a ribeye or Tomahawk steak. But for the authentic Latin fare, order the Churrasco Platter! This entree is crafted to replicate South American family-style dining, where the meal is shared. The platter has New York steak, lamb chops, achiote chicken, and Argentinian chorizo. Toss in some side dishes, and you have a plentiful meal rich with flavors!

Cap off your dining escapade with a dessert like the La Bomba. This sweet extravaganza transforms the conclusion of your meal into a theatrical masterpiece. It's shareable with a chocolate half sphere, seasonal sorbet, dulce de leche ice cream, pistachio ice cream, berries, crumbles, vanilla, and candy pistachios. 

As their name implies, one would suspect their rum selection would be stellar. Rest assured, it is! From silver to dark, from overproof to those aged for years, there's a rum for every palate at Toro.

When you need a rum cocktail, try the Pain Killer! This refreshing libation uses one of the best rums, Pusser's Rum, and adds coconut, pineapple, lime, and fresh nutmeg. It's a tip of the hat to the Caribbean Islands! There are plenty of non-rum cocktails to peruse and a good selection of wine and beer.

Each dish at Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar is a passport to Latin American and Asian flavors reimagined. For refreshing fare, an idyllic setting, and a serene ambiance, you owe it to yourself to dine at Toro. 

Local Tips

  • Reservations are recommended at least two weeks in advance, especially during peak hours.
  • Toro is family-friendly with a kids' menu. 
  • Visit for brunch for creative takes on breakfast and lunch classics.
  • Parking is available in the restaurant's parking lots; shuttle service is provided from the front lobby of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.
  • Check out the cigar menu and smoke one with a top-shelf rum!


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