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With its quaint cottage-like facade, locally sourced food, and California-inspired cuisine, dining at the Greene House makes for a memorable experience.

Conceived by visionaries fueled by an unwavering passion for harmonizing flavor, warmth, and style, The Greene House extends an invitation into a realm where each dish narrates a captivating story. 

Every dish on the menu is simply a piece of art, a fusion of ingredients and inspiration that elevates dining into a multisensory experience. For the local connoisseur, it's a familiar embrace; for the adventurous traveler, it's a journey into uncharted flavor territories.

Dining al fresco on the open-air patio is inviting, while a meal inside in the warm ambiance is perfect for an occasion.

When your Phoenix visit requires wholesome, locally sourced, creatively inspired fare, visit the Greene House. You won't be disappointed.


The exterior emanates the charm of a seaside cottage, beckoning patrons to embark on a culinary journey within. 

Stepping inside, you'll discover a meticulously curated fusion of casual and refined elements, crafting an atmosphere that effortlessly blends relaxation with style.

This is a haven where the boundaries between casual and sophisticated blur, allowing patrons to unwind and savor their meals. 

The ambiance at The Greene House is a dynamic canvas, catering to diverse preferences with its versatile indoor and outdoor seating options. Whether you prefer the cozy warmth indoors or the al fresco delight of an outdoor setting, this establishment ensures your experience will be custom-tailored.

The fusion of casual and refined elements crafts an environment where each detail contributes to the overall aesthetic, making it the ideal backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

The Greene House: Menu & Drinks

The menu at the Greene House celebrates California-inspired cuisine that harmonizes with the seasons.

One standout entree is the braised short ribs. This dish reflects The Greene House's artistry with its tenderness, succulence, and an explosion of flavors. The meal includes glazed carrots, celery hearts, roasted cipollini, onion, black truffle potato puree, and bordelaise. 

The Sweet Potato Ravioli is a flavorful twist on an Italian staple. This succulent pasta showcases red wine glazed short ribs, arugula, and lemon horseradish broth. It's lip-smackingly delicious! 

For the ultimate comfort food experience, consider the Homestyle Pot Pie. With its flaky crust and creamy filling, the slow-roasted chicken, sweet potato, mirepoix, and rosemary dance on the palate. 

Regarding beverages, the Greene House has an impressive wine and beer list, showcasing many of California's premier wineries and brewmasters. 

Craft cocktails are also on point, with the Fig & Ginger Mule. Like most menu items, the Greene House puts its unique spin on a classic using Figenza fig vodka, Ketel One vodka, lime, pomegranate, and ginger beer.

Dining at the Greene House offers a wide selection of menu and beverage options, making it a top choice when catering to various palates.

Local Tips

  • Make a reservation if you plan to visit during peak hours; The Greene House tends to get busy.
  • Don't miss out on their Wednesday wine specials—half-off bottles of wine to elevate your midweek dining experience.
  • Explore the outdoor seating area for a cozy and romantic ambiance, especially in the evening.
  • Check their social media for any ongoing events or specials!
  • Order online and take your delicious meal back to your Casago rental!


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