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Craving a taste of Mexican cuisine? Look no further than SOL Mexican Cocina in the Kierland Commons in Scottsdale. 

This vibrant spot has quickly become the go-to place for those seeking authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. With a menu featuring an astounding 17 house-made salsas, every dish celebrates rich flavors and aromatic spices.

The spacious interior invites you to unwind in a setting that blends modern comfort with Mexican charm. Meanwhile, the charming patio, bathed in the warm Arizona sun, provides a delightful al fresco option, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

When yearning for a taste of Mexico, SOL is the perfect escape, where each visit celebrates flavors, culture, and culinary artistry.


Step through the doors of SOL Mexican Cocina, and you'll be immersed in a tapestry of energy, color, and the unmistakable spirit of Baja Mexico. 

The interior reveals a thoughtfully curated mix of seating options. From short and high tables to cozy booths, every corner exudes a unique personality. The strategic layout ensures that every guest finds their perfect spot, whether seeking an intimate dining experience or a lively gathering at the bar.

The patio area beckons for those enchanted by the allure of outdoor dining. The melding of nature and architecture creates a charming oasis, perfect for indulging in the flavors of SOL Mexican Cocina.

Whether you're sipping a margarita at the bar, enjoying the lively chatter at a high table, or relishing the fresh air on the patio, SOL's vibe celebrates the joyous spirit that defines coastal Mexican culture.

Delight in the captivating energy of live music nights, where Latin rhythms create an unforgettable ambiance. These evenings transform the dining experience into a vibrant occasion where every bite and sip is memorable.

SOL Mexican Cocina: Menu & Drinks

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure at SOL Mexican Cocina! The vibrant symphony of flavors will leave a lasting impression. 

Kickstart your journey with the Naked Guacamole, a true crowd-pleaser. This delightful creation is a perfect harmony of avocado, cilantro, lime, onion, serrano peppers, and tomato. Served with crunchy tortillas, it's a flavor-packed celebration that sets the stage for what's to come.

For those seeking a main course that's a culinary masterpiece, try the Grilled Wagyu Steak. This hearty fare features American wagyu steak, tomatillo salsa, spinach, cilantro chimichurri, avocado, grilled scallions & jalapeño. For a few dollars more, add agave or shrimp. Borracho black beans and red rice come on the side.

Try the Sweet Potato & Black Bean tacos when it's time for adventure! This fan-favorite consists of (2) roasted poblanos, caramelized onions, pico de gallo, cotija cheese & chipotle sauce. 

As for the drinks, SOL Mexican Cocina doesn't disappoint. Dive into the refreshing notes of the Blackberry Ginger Margarita. This tasty libation showcases Espolòn Blanco, muddled blackberries & ginger, lime juice & agave nectar. 

Whether you want to explore tequila and mezcal with a flight or order a beer, wine, or cocktail, the full bar has you covered.

When your Phoenix getaway calls for top-tier margaritas and artisan Mexican cuisine, dine at SOL Mexican Cocina!

Local Tips

  • Opt for valet parking for convenience.
  • Reservations are strongly encouraged. 
  • Order meals to go and enjoy in your Casago rental!
  • Don't miss the Weekend Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM-2 PM.
  • Be sure to try Taco & Tequila Tuesday from 3 PM to close. Live music starts at 6 PM.
  • Happy Hour is Monday through Friday, from 3 to 6 PM.


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