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The brainchild behind Rusconi's American Kitchen is a modern-day Renaissance man who happens to be a chef. 

Chef Michael Rusconi founded his eatery in 2012, but his journey as a chef began at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. 

The guiding principle for his restaurant is evident in his quote: "Buy the best ingredients, treat them with love and respect, and then apply proper technique. Only by doing that will you be able to deliver the best quality possible."

The heart of Rusconi's American Kitchen beats with the rhythm of a wood-burning grill, infusing every dish with an irresistible flavor. The chef-driven menu seamlessly blends hearty regional American favorites with a seasonal touch. This commitment ensures that each ingredient reaches its pinnacle, celebrating the harvest's bounty in every bite. 

Beyond its culinary prowess, what sets Rusconi's apart is its unwavering dedication to sourcing fresh, local ingredients native to the valley. This culinary philosophy, combined with an approachable yet sophisticated menu, has created an atmosphere where patrons can indulge in the finest without breaking the bank. Rusconi's American Kitchen has become a beloved fixture in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. 


As you anticipate your visit to Rusconi's American Kitchen, prepare to be pleasantly surprised as you discover its unassuming location tucked away within a simple strip mall. This unpretentious setting is a testament to the restaurant's ability to redefine culinary excellence, proving that extraordinary dining experiences can emerge from the most unexpected places.

The exterior, devoid of ostentation, might not boast the grandeur typically associated with fine dining establishments. However, the restaurant transcends appearances, and upon crossing its threshold, you'll find yourself immersed in a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately captures your attention. 

The interior is a harmonious blend of coziness and sophistication, carefully curated to provide the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable dining experience. 

Rusconi's American Kitchen: Menu & Drinks

Regarding the menu, Rusconi's American Kitchen lives up to its reputation as a culinary haven. 

For starters, a must-try is the white truffle-scented mac-n-cheese. This comfort food becomes artisan fare with the white truffle cream and San Joaquin Gold cheese. Take it to another level by adding slow braised short ribs!

When craving a hearty and comforting meal, the Braised Beef Short Ribs stand out, delivering a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that defines culinary indulgence. The entree includes butternut squash risotto, roasted baby carrots, Noble Bread gremolata, and natural jus. 

Seafood enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Grilled Salmon, where the smoky char from the grill enhances the fish's natural flavors. Enhancing this entree are a blackberry glaze, small potatoes, Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatillo sauce and carrot jus. 

A unique dining opportunity awaits from 4:00-6:00 PM at the bar with the Fork and Iron Bar Menu. The limited menu is rich with diverse samplings like the aforementioned white truffle-scented mac-n-cheese, short rib sliders, warm spiced olives in iron, and roasted chicken salad, to list a few. Add a happy hour beverage, and you're in for a heavenly taste sensation!

Sunday Brunch showcases a treasure trove of comfort foods and deliciousness. Menu options range from eggs benedict to omelets, French toast, pancakes, sandwiches, and more. They also make tasty Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Rusconi's extensive wine list and full bar complement these savory dishes. There is something to complement every dish and palate. 

While its curb appeal is reserved, Rusconi's American Kitchen is unreservedly proud of its homey ambiance and succulent cuisine. When visiting the Phoenix area, add this eatery to your to-do list!

Local Tips

  • Rusconi's American Kitchen can get crowded quickly, so consider making a reservation to secure your spot.
  • If you're a fan of Happy Hour, try to visit during that time for some fantastic deals on mini plates.
  • The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, but it's recommended to inquire about seating arrangements beforehand.
  • Explore the diverse Sunday brunch menu, featuring dishes like Pork Chile Verde, Berry and Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast.


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