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When Edward Preston Schwerd laid the foundation for Preston's Steakhouse in the mid-1940s, his legacy would redefine the steakhouse experience forever. 

Today, Preston's Steakhouse epitomizes a convergence of tradition and innovation. Here, the culinary finesse of the past blends with the contemporary creativity of the present. 

At the helm is Chef Charles Schwerd, grandson of the illustrious Preston. Chef Charles infuses each dish with his family's heritage while adding his celebrated culinary background. 

Preston's Steakhouse's philosophy captures this fine establishment's heart: "We believe a shared table is a shared life. We are honored to serve you and proud to share our heritage in every bite."


The exterior's timeless charm is a prelude to the culinary journey that awaits. The architectural aesthetics reflect the restaurant's commitment to tradition, seamlessly blended with contemporary design elements. 

From the moment you step through the doors at Preston's Steakhouse, you're enveloped in an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. The carefully curated dim lighting is pivotal in setting the mood, casting a warm and intimate glow for the perfect setting. 

Whether it's a special celebration, a romantic evening for two, or a joyous gathering with friends and family, the ambiance adapts to the moment, enhancing every experience.

Preston's Steakhouse: Menu & Drinks

One of the crown jewels of the Scottsdale restaurant is the Delmonico Steak. This USDA Prime 8oz cut epitomizes perfection. Cooked to precision, each bite of this succulent steak offers a rich and robust flavor that elevates the dining experience. It's not merely a dish but a culinary masterpiece showcasing the artistry of meat preparation at Preston's.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Chilean Sea Bass is a testament to Chef Charles's creativity. Served blackened and adorned with umami sauce, this dish presents a unique and flavorful twist that tantalizes the taste buds. It's a journey into the depths of culinary innovation, offering a seafood experience like no other.

No meal at Preston's is complete without indulging in the Signature Butter Cake. This dessert is Preston's specialty that takes decadence to new heights. Every spoonful treats your taste buds to a symphony of flavors and textures, providing the perfect conclusion to your culinary voyage.

Pair your meal with Preston's specialty drinks, known to elevate the dining experience. From classic cocktails to carefully curated wine selections, the bar at Preston's ensures a perfect complement to your chosen dish.

When craving a perfectly cooked steak in a refined atmosphere, visit Preston's Steakhouse.

Local Tips

  • Reservations are strongly encouraged.
  • Take advantage of the 50% off on every bottle under $149 during Wine Down Wednesdays.
  • Private dining is available for special occasions and large groups. 
  • Join their E-Club for discounts, special offers, and menu highlights.
  • Gift cards make fantastic presents and birthday gifts. 


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