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"Chop Shop" may have you dreaming of juicy, tender pork chops cooked over an open flame. Or perhaps you associate it with a secret garage where stolen cars are stripped and sold. While both definitions are accurate, the Original ChopShop redefines the word with its delicious offerings.

Since the inaugural Shop opened in 2013, the mission has been crystal clear: establish a local eatery committed to crafting meals from unprocessed, whole ingredients. 

The Original ChopShop realized that the frantic pace of life limited folks from prioritizing and preparing nutritious meals. Who has time with all the relentless demands of meetings, school, traffic, workouts, and social engagements? 

Enter the visionary creators behind Original ChopShop, who recognized this dilemma and took a bold step to address it. Their creed is straightforward: eating well is the gateway to happiness. You'll discover a gateway to euphoria when you peruse their menu. 

Entrees are flavorful and nutritious, tailored for everyone because it's about being satisfied and feeling good!


As you draw near to Original ChopShop in Phoenix, the first impression is a welcoming and pristine exterior, a prelude to the wholesome and delightful experience awaiting you. 

Inside, you'll step into a luminous and spacious interior that's a harmonious fusion of farmhouse and contemporary aesthetics. The ambiance exudes a casual charm, fostering a communal atmosphere. Here, individuals and families gather for a satisfying and feel-good dining experience.

The bright and airy setting provides a canvas for a sense of community to flourish, making Original ChopShop an inviting haven for anyone seeking a break from the ordinary. Whether you choose indoor seating with its comfortable and modern design or outdoor ambiance, you'll discover a versatile space for any occasion. 

The Original ChopShop is the perfect spot to cater to your current mood. It is an ideal destination for a quick and refreshing meal or an unhurried and enjoyable dining experience.

Original ChopShop: Menu & Drinks

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned regular or a curious first-time visitor, a few dishes here demand your attention.

Look no further than one of the Grilled Protein Bowls for an extraordinary burst of flavors. You get your choice of two bases: Roasted veggies, greens, brown rice, sweet potato hash, forbidden rice ($1), or Quinoa ($1.)

A bowl standout is the Thai Coconut Chicken with peanuts and cilantro. This dish is a symphony of taste, expertly harmonizing the richness of coconut milk with the vibrant zest of Thai spices.

When you need a sandwich, consider the Moroccan Turkey. This hearty meal includes turkey, avocado, roasted red pepper, red grape, cucumber, house greens, yogurt sauce, and red wine vinaigrette. All of which is piled between slices of multigrain bread. 

Now, let's focus on the drinks accompanying these culinary delights. The Muscle Malt is jam-packed with bananas, all-natural peanut butter, malt, chocolate whey protein powder, sugar-free chocolate syrup, and non-fat milk. If you need a jolt of caffeine, add a cold brew for $1.

They have a great selection of juices like the Hydrator. This tasty drink features cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut water, and aloe vera. It has the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and zip from the cucumber.

So, whether you're seeking a culinary adventure or a comforting classic while visiting Phoenix, the Original ChopShop promises a feel-good food and beverage experience.

Local Tips

  • Don't forget to check out the daily specials for unique and seasonal offerings.
  • Original ChopShop caters to various dietary preferences, offering gluten-free and vegan options.
  • For a quick and convenient experience, consider ordering online or via phone.
  • The outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, making it an excellent spot for pet owners.


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