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The flavors and cuisine of Tuscany abound in Old Scottsdale at Franco's Italian Caffe.

Established by the passionate and seasoned chef Franco Fazzuoli, this restaurant is a journey through the rich tapestry of Tuscan fare. Chef Franco is making his mark in the culinary scene in Scottsdale.

Franco Fazzuoli's illustrious journey commenced in the postcard-perfect city of Florence, Italy. He began washing dishes in a local restaurant until he had to serve in the Italian Army as a paratrooper. Here, Franco continued to nurture his passion for food and cooking for fellow officers, friends, and family.

Upon leaving the military, Franco co-founded a Trattoria in Florence. This venture faced a tragic fate as it was washed away in a massive flood that inundated the entire town. Rather than abandoning ship, he chose to stay and actively contribute to the recovery efforts, which gives insight into his character. 

Fast forward, and after a stint in New York, Franco found roots and success in Arizona. Franco continues to seek avenues to express his joy of cooking as his restaurants flourish and his name becomes synonymous with classic Italian cuisine. 


The exterior of Franco's Italian Caffee radiates warmth, setting the stage for an immersive experience within its charming interior.

Entering Franco's Italian Caffe transports you to a cozy and authentically traditional Tuscan atmosphere. The setting caters to diverse occasions, from heartwarming family gatherings to romantic date nights filled with shared moments. 

The attention to detail in the restaurant's décor is evident, as every element has been thoughtfully selected to capture the essence of Italian hospitality.

The inviting space encourages diners to linger and savor each moment. The traditional ambiance creates a sense of familiarity, allowing patrons to relax and enjoy the culinary journey that awaits. 

Whether seated at a table surrounded by the warm glow of ambient lighting or cozied up in a corner booth, the overall atmosphere enhances one's Phoenix dining experience.

Franco's Italian Caffe: Menu & Drinks

The menu is a culinary masterpiece at Franco's Italian Caffe, where every dish echoes Chef Franco's unwavering dedication to his Tuscan roots. 

A standout recommendation is the Orecchie Elefante Chop with mushrooms and demi-glace. This dish has earned accolades from the most discerning Italian taste buds. This entree is a must-try, showcasing Chef Franco's artistry and culinary finesse.

Other choices are the Petto Di Pollo Piccata, a succulent chicken dish, and the Chicken Contadina, an exquisite blend of flavors that dance on the palate. For those seeking a taste of rustic indulgence, the homemade tortellini stuffed with pheasant and ricotta is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to providing a diverse and delectable menu.

The libations at Franco's are nothing short of spectacular, offering a carefully curated wine list that acts as the perfect accompaniment to the savory dishes. Among the wine selection, the Gran Selezione Chianti emerges as a true Tuscan treat, beckoning connoisseurs and casual diners.

For Italian cuisine that is creative, fresh, and tasty and served in a warm and inviting setting, visit Franco's Italian Caffe!

Local Tips

  • Reservations are strongly suggested, especially for weekends and special occasions.
  • The restaurant has valet parking for convenience.
  • The attentive and knowledgeable staff can help navigate the menu and recommend specials.
  • The restaurant has a warm and cozy atmosphere, ideal for special occasions or intimate gatherings.


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