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The Citizen Public House is renowned for its culinary mastery and ethereal ambiance. It's an eatery for discerning palates.

Citizen Public House opened in 2011, embarking on a culinary journey that earned the accolade of Best New Restaurant. The restaurant refuses to rest on its laurels, pressing onward to captivate patrons with innovative cuisine, inventive libations, and an intimate setting.

Citizen Public House has thrived in the ever-evolving landscape of Scottsdale's dining establishments, evolving into an eatery mirroring the city's energy and diversity. 

Its longevity serves as a living narrative of its commitment to excellence. Citizen Public House's unwavering dedication is its epicenter, making it an iconic Phoenix and Scottsdale destination.


Citizen Public House's exterior is an enticing amalgamation of modern aesthetics and allure, beckoning one into cutting-edge design and hospitality. 

The ambiance unfolds into a symphony of casual sophistication, creating an immersive atmosphere. The lively cadence of conversations interlaces with the melodic clinking of glasses. Here, energy resonates with the joy of savoring exceptional cuisine amidst convivial company. 

Citizen Public House is where contemporary elegance coexists with warm friendliness, ensuring every visit is a memorable celebration of good food and company.

Citizen Public House: Menu & Drinks

The exquisite food and tantalizing drinks at Citizen Public House elevate the dining experience. 

Start your meal with the Crispy Sesame Pork Belly. This tasty appetizer showcases pork belly with sweet potato pancake, kimchi, cilantro crema, and chili crisp honey. It's the marriage of sweet and heat!

For the main course, opt for the local legend, the Original Chopped Salad. This healthy, hearty salad has smoked salmon, couscous, arugula, pepitas, Asiago cheese, currants, dried sweet corn, and tomatoes. It is topped with their homemade buttermilk-herb dressing. 

For those seeking a more substantial indulgence, navigate towards the sumptuous offerings of the Amaro Meatloaf. This twist on a comfort food classic includes mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini, porcini cream, and a demi-glace.

As you peruse the libation landscape, the extensive drink list at Citizen Public House unveils a treasure trove for every discerning palate. Unleash your inner mixologist and traverse the realm of barrel-aged concoctions that promise an experience beyond the ordinary. 

One standout is the Dry Heat Margarita with silver tequila, mango & serrano chile syrup, lemon, and cayenne salt served on the rocks.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or an adventurous newcomer, Citizen Public House beckons with a menu and drink selection that transcends the ordinary, ensuring that your Phoenix visit celebrates culinary excellence and refined indulgence.

Local Tips

  • Secure a reservation, especially during peak hours.
  • Check out their Happy Hour, 4-6 PM daily, for great deals on drinks and food.
  • Feeling adventurous? Have the bartender craft a
  • Reserve a private room for special occasions.
  • Order online to-go and savor back in your Casago rental!


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