Historic Main Street

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Park City's Historic Main St. is home to some of the most iconic establishments in Utah. Once the basecamp of an old mining town, it is now the eco-center of Park City's recreation, shopping, and restaurants. Though the buildings may seem small, don't let them fool you! Often when you walk into a restaurant or shop, you'll find that it's surprisingly spacious in square footage.

Restaurants on Main St.

Park City is quite famous for their plethora of fine dining restaurants. Walking up and down the street, you'll notice an impressive variety of cuisines - from Mexican, Italian, and American to Japanese. No matter where you dine, it'll surely be some of the best food you've had in a while.

Additionally, some of the most popular bars call Main St. home. For example, the well-known No Name Saloon that attracts thousands upon thousands of patrons every year is found right in the middle of the street. It's one of the most easily recognizable businesses because it's usually loud and packed, with a line forming out the door.

Shopping on Main St.

Anything and everything you need for your outdoor adventures or instagrammable outfits can be found here. They carry plenty of well-known, luxury brands as well as casual wear and souvenirs. Shop from Helly Hanson, Aloha Ski & Snowboard, and Athleta. Some of the more unique shops on the street include Socks Rock (hundreds of colorful, personality-filled socks), Tanner Trading (Native American Jewelry & Decor), and La Niche Gourmet & Gifts (Coffee, Gelato, and Shopping).

Activities & Services on Main St.

There's never a dull day on Main St.! During the summer, you can enjoy the Park Silly Sunday Market. Throughout summer and winter, you can also enjoy rides on the Lift, located right next to the Bridge Cafe & Grill. For a quick and free tour along Main St. or if you simply don't have the energy to walk from end to another, you can cruise on the Main Street Trolley.

If you want to take in the fresh air and browse around, there is a huge art scene in Park City. On this street there are over a dozen different galleries showcasing famous and local artists. This is a fun and creative way to spend some time in the area if you aren't interested in shopping or eating yet.

Parking on Main St.

There is plenty of parking within and surrounding Main Street. There is parking along the sidewalk, lots behind the buildings, and even parking garages going up to 3-4 floors. Though there are many parking spots sprinkled along the area, this place gets really busy, especially during the holidays. So, if you're unfamiliar with the area and don't want to take a chance or if you prefer to skip the hassle and parking fees, we recommend taking an Uber or bus into the area instead.

Where to Stay

For the most possible convenience, you may want to consider booking a Park City Vacation Rental that is on Main St. As you can see, most of the city's primary activities and eateries are found on this bustling strip. Convenient ski rentals, transport systems, and services are all within a couple if you stay here.


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