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Tanner Trading is your one-stop shop on Main St. for all things Native American including jewelry, art, hats, boots, home decor, and more unique items! This is a great place to pick up a gift for loved ones or find unique, antique items for yourself.

About Tanner Trading

When you purchase from Tanner Trading, you can feel confident that what you are buying is completely authentic. Everything they sell is made by the Navajo people and it's shipped to Park City through their trusted suppliers in New Mexico. Tanner Trading has an incredible relationship with the Navajo people that allows them a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Navajo people primarily live in the states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. So, being from some of the hottest and dryest states in the U.S., it makes sense that items such as hats and boots were a common part of their look. In addition, the Tanner Trading team told us about how the hot new TV show called Yellowstone has been making their type of inventory increasingly popular!


This is the second location for the Tanner Trading Company. The first location is based in Farmington, New Mexico where they also source their products. This original store is currently run by the 5th generation within the Tanner family. Their building is unassuming from the front - seemingly a small store. However, when you walk past the second set of doors and into the store, you won't believe how spacious it is. There are two floors full of thousands of items for sale. On the main floor, you'll find most of the clothing, jewelry, and other smaller items. On the top floor, you'll find a majority of their rugs and decor.

Retail Selection

They carry an incredible variety of cowboy boots, hats, belts, turquoise jewelry, and more! Everything they sell has sky-rocketed in popularity due to shows such as Yellowstone which brought back popular Western accessories that Tanner Trading is known for. Therefore, one of the most sought after items they carry are hats - which you will see people rocking all over Main Street!

Aside from their accessories, they also have one-of-a-kind home decor at every corner. Some of their most sought after items include cowhides and rugs. They also happen to be the most expensive items in the store. Some of their rugs are over $20,000! This is because they are antique, handmade, and high-quality.  Additionally, the Navajo people are known for their incredible weaving skills. Even if you aren't in the market, it's so much fun to browse through and admire the craftsmanship of some of these products. There is history and meaning behind everything you see and the employees are kind and knowledgable.

Local Tips

  • If you don't find what you're looking for or if you can't visit in person, check out their website and online store.
  • Everything in the store is 100% authentic and made by the Navajo people in New Mexico.


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