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When Shabu opened their doors in 2004, they took Park City by storm! Featuring unique Asian fusion cuisine and a moody, intimate environment; they're able to create a dining experience unlike any other on Main St.

Robert (he also goes by Bob) and Kevin Valaika are the twin brothers behind this must-visit eatery! With Bob heading the back-of-the-house as Executive Chef, Kevin handles the front as the General Manager. The Valaika duo believes in offering incredible service with a fun, inventive menu and they've done just that. Quickly rising to the top of many travel guides as one of the Best Restaurants in Park City, we're happy to say that they can add us to the list of resources that award them that title.

Location & Environment

Their entrance is easy to miss, sandwiched between two doors of an Art Gallery called Frank Andrew. The entrance to Shabu is the middle door among the three. Look for the small black sign hanging from the exterior, it will say Shabu in red letters and the symbol will look like an elongated white "S" against a black background. They are also right next door to the United States Post Office, which is a great landmark and meet-up point on Main Street.

Once you open the door, be careful! You will be immediately greeted by a steep set of narrow stairs heading down into the restaurant. This gives Shabu an almost speak-easy like vibe. At the bottom of the stairs, you will find the host stand to the left where you can check in. Reservations are highly recommended as this is a hot-spot for tourists and locals.

The restaurant itself is small so the tables are narrow with limited space in-between. For that reason, I wouldn't particularly recommend this spot as a top pick for large groups unless you call ahead and make a reservation. That way, they are able to accommodate you and fit you in the middle of the restaurant which offers the most space. By large groups, I mean more than 6 people. But, the food is definitely worth the lack of arm-room! I recommend this as more of a date night spot or for families/smaller groups.

Highly Recommended Menu Items

Combining classic Asian flavors with a modern and flavorful twist, Shabu's menu is unmatched. There is a wide variety of categories on the menu and they are always updating it to keep your taste buds on their toes!

Sushi Menu

The sushi menu offers dozens of choices. From Traditional Maki Rolls to Sashimi, they have a little bit of everything for both sushi fanatics and mild-beginner sushi eaters. If you're feeling like going for something more limited edition, I recommend going for one of their "Shabu Nightly Specials." This section of the sushi menu offers the most creative and new rolls. If you choose the Daily Special Roll, the sushi chefs behind the bar will put together something special just for you!

Hot Rock

The Hot Rock offers an exciting, interactive way of enjoying your meal. If you've ever been to Korean BBQ, you know how much fun it can be to get to cook meat to your exact liking with sauces that are complimentary and flavorful. Shabu has a little bit of a different take. A steaming, volcanic hot rock will arrive to your table with a plate of raw, marinated, American wagyu on the side. Your waiter will give you the low-down on how long you should cook the meat and then it's all up to you. Accompanying the raw meat is a ponzu butter that won't disappoint. Dip your meat in the ponzu butter, then sear it directly on the hot rock to perfection. If you're feeling fancy, upgrade to the Japanese Wagyu. Cooking this tasty, high-quality meat on a hot rock was one of the most exciting things we ate in town.


You can't go wrong with dumplings, especially on a cold night. These little bundles of flavor are sure to satisfy and they're perfect as an appetizer and sharing with the table. I really enjoyed the Nightly Dim Sum and was tempted to order a second portion to go! Though, hence the name, the ingredients of the nightly dumpling changes. So, make sure you ask ahead what the Nightly Dim Sum features.

Local Tips

  • Reservations are highly recommended - book via their website or OpenTable.
  • Located next door to the United States Post Office on Main St. The entrance is found between two doors of the Frank Andrew Gallery entrance.


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