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Right in the center of town in Park City, there’s a town lift to bring you up to Park City Mountain. To access the Park City Town Lift, you can park on Park Avenue, which is only a block away from the lift. If you’re in town without a car, there are many buses that stop right at the lift. There’s a bridge that connects the mountain to where you get on the lift. This is super convenient, because you can simply ski on down, ski over the bridge (in winter) and get in line to hop back on the lift again.

The bottom of the Park City Town Lift is at Lower Main Street; specifically at 825 Main Street. It brings you over the houses and streets in Old Town Park City, all the way up to the bottom of the Bonanza Express Lift.

Seasonal Use

The winter seasonal use of Park City Town Lift is from late November through early April in winter, from 10AM to 6PM. The exact dates vary from year to year. You can find out exactly when the lift opens when you’re visiting, or online. In summer, Park City Town Lift operates in summer starting in mid June and running to early September, from 10AM to 6PM, Monday through Sunday.


Park City Town Lift ends where the Bonanza Express lift begins. This is like a shortcut up the mountain for those who want to continue on. It’s a slow ride and it takes about 30 to 45 minute to reach the top.

The coolest thing is being able to ski right into town and back to your ski lodge or to your car. There’s an accommodation called the Lift Lodge, and if you stay there you’ll be really close to everything. There is rarely a wait time for the lift, except in high season in the winter.

In summer, hiking is accessible when you use the Park City Town Lift to reach the top of the mountain. One option is to ride up, hike to Montage in Deer Valley and then take a free shuttle back to Park City.

The Views

When you get up, if you don’t want to ski back down you can just take the lift back down. A lot of people take the lift just for the pleasure of experiencing the views. On the way up, you’ll go over the street and pass over Old Town and really get a sense of downtown Park City. You’ll also get a close up view of the rusted towers from an old ore mine tram that are dated more than 100 years old. As you get closer to the top, you’ll pass through a corridor of evergreen trees, and the surrounding mountain range will come into view. Further on, the trees thin out and you’ll really get a sense that you’re on top of a mountain. At one point, there’s a steep slope off to the right which will make you feel perilously close to falling, but in a fun way. Coming down, the views are even more spectacular.

Cost & Info

One important thing to know about the Park City Town Lift is that it only takes two people to a bench. So if you have a group of three, one person will have to share with someone else or go alone. It’s no big deal; just something to know ahead of time, especially if you’re riding with two parents and a child.

A lot of people ski down into Park City, walk into town and have lunch, and then take the lift back up to continue their skiing or snowboarding activity. You can purchase an all day pass (Adult Summer Scenic Lift-All Day) that lets you use multiple lifts throughout the area.

The ride up on Park City Town Lift is excruciatingly slow. If you’re in a hurry, you might find it a bit frustrating. But the best thing to do is just sit back, hold on and relax. However, you’ll want to be sure to wear your goggles or sunglasses, plus loads of sunscreen. Since the sun will be directly on your face, it’s very easy to get sunburned while riding the lift up. Last but not least, enjoy the views!

You can buy your lift ticket at a window at the lift terminal, but this is the most expensive option. Here, you can buy half day tickets as well as seven day tickets. With a seven day ticket, you can skip days. You can also buy your lift ticket from Park City Mountain online, which will be a little cheaper than buying in person on the same day you want to ski, plus you won’t have to stand in line. Ticket prices vary according to demand and season.

Note: Hours of Operation for the lift are subject to change on a daily basis. Refer to the sign by the lift for the most accurate open/close times.

What's Nearby

Since this lift is located right in the heart of Main St., you will find yourself surrounded by incredible restaurants, business, and a lively atmosphere with people at every turn. The Bridge Cafe & Grill is literally 10 steps from the bottom of the lift and we highly recommend this spot! They serve tasty, Brazilian food - it was some of our favorite food we had the entire trip! Also, there is Tekila nearby, Flanagan's, and 350 Main for an elegant dinner.

Local Tips

  • This is a 1 hour trip coming back down! This lift moves slowly.
  • Only 2 people can fit per bench.


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