It may be just a small port city in Baja but with fantastic sightseeing places. La Paz has beautiful beaches surrounded with a serene environment for relaxation and enjoyment. The beach is just one of the numerous places to visit. Sightseeing in La Paz is what you need for a vacation, away from the normalcy of life. It gives you a break that refreshes your perspective of life and increases your inspiration. Here is an informed guide of several places to visit.

Watching Whales

Seeing whales on the screen is one thing but watching them at proximity is an entirely different experience. Whales are amazing sea creatures in how they are and behave. They could look big and scary, but they have a warm personality, especially their families. Watching them dive and go about their business will fascinate you.

The Malecon

Do you enjoy simplicity but with elegance in it? The Malecon is perfectly suitable for you. It is a broad pavement built at the sea edge in La Paz. A walk along this pavement is best in the morning, noon or night. In the morning, beautiful sunlight bask characterizes the walk. By noontime, the sun has already lit up the area, but it sets in the evening. If you do not get time during the day, an evening of watching the sun setting is worthy. Also, this area has numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants. Places to sit and relax after a walk on the pavement.


There are days you feel like having a slow and quiet day. No vigorous activities to wear you down. The beach is an excellent idea for such days when you are sightseeing in La Paz. Enjoy the sight of the ocean while seated on the sandy beach. You could also get a boat ride and feel the cool breeze of the sea. In the evening, beaches are the best places to watch the sunset. They have the best view of the horizon and a calming feeling as you watch the sun disappear at the horizon.


Do you appreciate culture and lifestyle? Sightseeing in La Paz is one way of achieving this desire. People of this area are friendly to visitors and ready to share their lives. La Paz also has magnificent historical buildings such as the cathedral of Nuestra Senora. They represent the rich heritage of this place. Consider visiting the museum, theatre performances, and the local tasty foods. Learning about the culture of other people is fun-filled and exposure to new encounters. You could also borrow a lesson or two for personal gain.

Vacation Rentals

Visiting sceneries and sightseeing sounds thrilling, but it is also exhausting. Do not spend all your vacation days with trips and activities only. A vacation or visit to La Paz indeed requires a proper accommodation. You need to retire to a comfortable and quiet room for your rest. A brilliant option for you would be vacation rentals. They are self-contained with all the facilities you need. The vacation rentals are like a home for you when you are away from your actual home. All you need is to select the one favorable for your stay.

Create some time to experience vacation rentals at resorts, and spas among other relaxation places. For instance, Paraiso Del Mar is a high-quality place, especially for people who have never been to the marina. Rejuvenate your energy and will-power in the spas with massages and sauna treats. All these places are affordable and always friendly to visitors. One visit to the city will make you desire another one even before the tour is over.