La Paz is a central coast city in Mexico in an area referred to as the American Riviera. Resting on an idyllic stretch of the coastline, it has a Mediterranean climate and outstanding amenities that make visitors feel pampered. It’s a popular area so if you are planning to spend your vacation in this destination, here is a helpful checklist.

Vacation Rentals

When researching a vacation, consideration about where to stay is fundamental. While many individuals consider hotels as the obvious option, a short term rental condo or house should be considered for the options they offer that hotels can’t. For instance, these facilities offer privacy, more space, kitchens, and dedicated parking. At Casago vacation rentals and property management, we provide more than what a typical traveler might be used to.

Casago rentals are located in great communities, and they offer excellent options that will fit nearly any budget. For instance, we provide lovely condominiums, beach houses, villas and much more. So if you want to spend your vacation in the center of town or away from the crowd, we have got you covered.


You are planning your beach vacation and all you can think of is surf and sand, right? But getting the transportation set up in advance will mean a smooth start to your trip and the beginning of a relaxing vacation. So how do you get to your rental in La Paz when you land? From the airport you can get a shuttle, taxi, bus, or rental car to get you to your rental. If you aren’t planning on renting a car, check with your hotel or vacation rental to see if they have a shuttle service that you can take advantage of. If not, check the airport website to see the options and to book in advance.

The Shuttle Services

Vacationers who opt to fly to the southern part of Baja will likely fly into the La Paz Airport, also known as Manuel Márquez de León International Airport. The airport is a good distance from town, so shuttles and vans are somewhat expensive. Go to the taxi counter at the airport to book the ride and be sure to set the price before you hit the road. Also you’ll make your life easier if you book your return trip to the airport ahead of time.

Private Taxi

When you want to have a private transfer, or when traveling with your group, using a private taxi from the airport to your destination in La Paz can be economical. As such, a hand of a strong trip advisory can be vital in the course of selecting private taxis. However, Aurelio Estrada, one of the reputable service providers is a recommended option following their outstanding services.

Bus Information

The Baja city has excellent bus services operating between all major cities. However, Aguila auto transportation is among the most recommended service providers in the city. Their tickets can be accessed online or directly at the bus stop on arrival. Alternatively, air transport is also available conveniently in the Baja city.