People today want to go on vacation but they don’t want to worry about their pets when they leave. This is why many people look for ways to bring their pets with them on vacation and now there are more and more vacation rentals that allow pets. It’s often less expensive to travel with pets than it is board them or hire someone to come the owner’s residence to look after them.

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Making Arrangements

Making arrangements to travel with pets is pretty simple. When traveling to Mexico you will need to get proof of a health check-up and rabies vaccinations from your veterinarian. As for rentals, many vacation rentals have pet-friendly accommodations with a small up-charge for each pet or possibly just a damage deposit.

We Can Help

Casago has many pet-friendly rentals available. We love animals as much as our guests. This is why we delight in providing a happy stay for people with pets. We know people who bring their pets want their pet to enjoy our space as much as they do. This is why we go above and beyond to make sure travelers and their pets have a great stay.