The beautiful Yucatan Peninsula beckons visitors from every angle. Located on the northeastern coast, the area has much to offer. Miles of white sand beaches, Mayan archaeological sites and of course, plenty of nightlife offer a great chance to rest and relax. One of the best things about Cancun is that there is so much to do outdoors. Visitors can spend days enjoying the plentiful sun, the exquisite surf and the history and culture of this area. Those who cherish the outdoors and look for adventure will find this part of Mexico makes the perfect destination for any activities they have in mind. From biking and hiking to touring the local ruins, this is one area that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate nature up close.

Wildlife in View

One of truly fabulous things about vacation rentals in this area is that the region is home to lots of wildlife that is often seen nowhere else in the area. Hikers who love walking can head out from their vacation rentals and find places set aside for the region’s many tropical birds. Birders should think about a trip to the Rio Lagartos Flamingo Sanctuary. These lovely birds are truly magnificent when seen in the wild. The nature reserve here in this part of the Cancun region is where they are given a chance to stay and grow. It’s about forty kilometers away from many parts of town. Bring a bike along and head down this area. In addition to flamingos, travelers can enjoy the sight of white turtles as well as lots of other species of birds that are native to this region.

Natural Water Spots

The lovely coastal region has lots of swimming holes. A lovely cenote or sinkhole offers a refreshing change from lying around the local beaches and sunbathing at a vacation rental pool. Travelers can take a hike to one of about eight regional cenotes. These are natural spaces that let the travel appreciate the wonderful local geography even more. Hikers can take the time to walk or bike. Then, after walking in the sun, it’s time to dive right in. The Mojarras Cenote has swimming as well as a bathroom and a place to sit down for a picnic. Travelers can choose to camp overnight under the stars. This is a great place for a family vacation that everyone can appreciate and enjoy at the same time.

See the Mayans

Mayan civilization certainly made a mark in the area. Companies offer many ways to explore the area’s many attractive ruins. Bike tours of the jungle provide an excellent way to see them. When not biking across the lovely Isle Mujeres, a bike tour to this area is both easy and fun. Exploring the Mayan coast at Tulum with a guide lets Mayan history come alive again. Coastal breezes make biking a pleasure. Cancun history in El Rey is also easy to get to via bikes. Guided tours can also be arranged for small and large groups.